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We need not look far for reminders of sadness, stress, and turmoil in the world. Media and news sources provide a constant flow of stories and content to remind us. While this can result in a shift away from our heart and the energy that creates connection and inspiration, setting an intention to be inspired, to uplift others, and make connection is a simple remedy and takes only a few moments. Consciously focus your attention on something to inspire and uplift you. Hold that energy of uplifting and feel it facilitate your transformation to a more positive,  uplifting, and shining light.

Be Uplifted and Be Infectious!

Understanding Our Shadow

The shadow holds the deep, unexplored and powerful energies of creation, destruction, and passion. Civil society doesn’t encourage, or in many situations, permit, expression of these deeper energies. However, when we develop intimacy with these aspects of our deeper self, we gain access to tremendous creativity.

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Our Deep Unconscious Work

Our unconscious mind takes us to a place of deeper meaning. Being afraid and confused will always be a way for us to find meaning in the world. But, we must be willing to deal with the deeper thoughts and feelings, and the pain that they carry, to realize a creative and fulfilling life. When you face it now, it changes your life now.

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Understanding Our Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind is comfortable with what is predictable. However, we can get lost in and settle for roles in life that just work for us. However, this is most often unfulfilling. When we re-inhabit our emotional body, and awaken our unconscious minds we awaken to a richer and more fulfilling life.

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The Journey of Awakening

Journeys into the unknown and rites of passage, understood as initiation, have been a part of most cultures. These are no longer an integral aspect of our modern lifestyle. We are more likely to dis-associate from our emotions and rites and initiations. As a result, we lose connection with the emotional aspect of our lives. This numbing or deadening is remedied when emotional eruption occurs and we give our attention to that something is not in balance.

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