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We need not look far for reminders of sadness, stress, and turmoil in the world. Media and news sources provide a constant flow of stories and content to remind us. While this can result in a shift away from our heart and the energy that creates connection and inspiration, setting an intention to be inspired, to uplift others, and make connection is a simple remedy and takes only a few moments. Consciously focus your attention on something to inspire and uplift you. Hold that energy of uplifting and feel it facilitate your transformation to a more positive,  uplifting, and shining light.

Be Uplifted and Be Infectious!

Soul Bridging ~ Today I Rise

Today I Rise Where are you? Little girl with broken wings but full of hope Where are you? Wise woman covered in wounds Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Today is the day I will not sit still and give in anymore Today, I rise I am bruised, but I will get up and walk again Today, I rise

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