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Bringing the Sacred into Everyday Living

Most of us mark our days with ritual. We wake up, make coffee, shower, dress for the day, nourish our bodies. Our routines help ground us and bring us into alignment with the purpose and activity of the day. Our rituals are also different during routine workdays and weekends or time off. 

There are formal and informal activities that we perform on special occasions to signify a major life transitions such as with baptism, puberty, graduation or marriage. The ceremonies that are part of these events are often personal and informal. They call us to a shift in the new life energy we are being initiated into. Ritual is designed to raise our consciousness in a focused way.

Ceremony and ritual is effective because it has a direct impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When we view this from a spiritual perspective, the words, gestures, and activities of the ceremony create an intentional change to the environment and the individuals involved.

We can use ceremony and ritual every day to align our consciousness with the flow of the greater life around us. Through unselfish intention, combined with a simple routine, we can facilitate a profound shift in the energy of our life; one that makes the vibration and expression of our lives, even the most mundane aspects of it, a sacred expression.

Explore Sacred Living Through Ritual

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