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Jayne Logan
Jayne Logan

Developing greater self-awareness creates an opportunity to more fully engage in every aspect of our lives.  An understanding of Astrology, and how the signs, planets and houses relate to us, begins to offer a means for navigating the complexities of our personal journey.  Each month, Jayne will highlight the current sign of the zodiac, offering practical information on what it represents, its ruling planet, and how it comes alive in the horoscope.   Relatable anecdotes illustrating how these factors may be present in our lives will enliven the key concepts allowing you to develop and enhance your knowledge of Astrology.

Astrology Basics

Mindful Heart Astrology ~ Uranus

In Roman mythology Uranus was considered “The Great Awakener”, and to the Greeks he was the personification of heaven and “God of the Sky”. Of the myths, stories and legends that have existed about Uranus one suggests he was brought to life by Chaos, the first form of the universe, reflecting the often chaotic results of a trademark Uranus shakeup. Some key concepts associated with this planet include freedom, independence, shattering structure, spontaneous occurrences, rebellion, innovation and uniqueness. It is no surprise, therefore, that Uranus is associated with earthquakes, lightening, and electrical storms…clearly a force to be reckoned with.

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Mindful Heart Astrology ~ Eleventh House

The Eleventh House of the horoscope represents the areas of life associated with our relationships to groups and the collective, including friends, social organizations and others who share our ideals, dreams, hopes and wishes. This is an ‘air’ house so it relates to energies concerning communication and connection but, in a social or societal sense, reflecting the urge to belong to groups or causes that are outside one’s immediate personal sphere.

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Saturn – The God of Time

Saturn: God of Time In mythology Saturn was known as the Greek God Kronos (Chronos, Cronus), the God of Time. Mythical Saturn’s family structure is quite complex, but quite fascinating if you have an interest in such things. For our purposes however, what is most significant is what Saturn represents. The word “chronology” has its origins in Kronos, and for Saturn, reflects the organization or structure of time. Thus, many references to the qualities and characteristics of this planet have a relationship to things which are time-bound and organized....Read more

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Mindful Heart Astrology ~ Jupiter: King of the Gods

Jupiter is often referred to as the greater benefic (Venus being the lesser), representing success, achievement, good luck, positive results and boundless benefits. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and natural ruler of the 9th House, so there are many commonalities that link the planet, sign and house. We associate adventure, a search for truth and meaning, philosophy, and personal and spiritual growth with all three, though Jupiter is a powerful fellow in his own right symbolizing the energy of expansion.

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