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Jayne Logan
Jayne Logan

Developing greater self-awareness creates an opportunity to more fully engage in every aspect of our lives.  An understanding of Astrology, and how the signs, planets and houses relate to us, begins to offer a means for navigating the complexities of our personal journey.  Each month, Jayne will highlight the current sign of the zodiac, offering practical information on what it represents, its ruling planet, and how it comes alive in the horoscope.   Relatable anecdotes illustrating how these factors may be present in our lives will enliven the key concepts allowing you to develop and enhance your knowledge of Astrology.

Astrology Basics

Astrology Basic

Mindful Heart Astrology ~ Element Water

Water element signs can be described as compassionate, nurturing and protective. There is an inherent need for them to feel safe and secure, so they tend to have a private side allowing them to protect their sense of vulnerability. The nature of Water enables them to feel the nuances and undercurrents of situations and their immediate environment, reflecting intuitive qualities. The Water signs are characterized by a flow of energy concerned with emotion, feeling and sensitivity.

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Mindful Heart Astrology: Mutability and Mutable Quadruplicity

Adaptability and Change of Mutable Signs Mutable signs are the facilitators that actively serve to transition to something new, signaling the end of the season. The common qualities of: accommodation, adaptability, change, compliance, [...]

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The Element of Air:  Communication, Connection, Ideas, and Intellect

Those signs in Air tend to have energy directed towards communication and connection. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all bridge-builders of sorts, able to see both sides of a situation.  They are objective and logical, able to bring clarity to emotional situations. Airy people tend to be sociable, good networkers and connectors of ideas and people, though all three of the signs express differently as they reflect the ‘quadruplicity’ (or mode) to which they belong.

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Fixity and the Fixed Quadruplicity

Fixity reflects the sign occupied by the Sun during the middle (2nd third) of a season and is the time when what has been initiated during the previous sign has taken root and grown. The Fixed signs accept the ‘hand-off’ from the Cardinal signs and focus energy towards realization of the material result. Manifestation is what the fixed signs are all about and we see this energy express through the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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Mindful Heart Astrology ~ The Element of Fire

The Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, all tend to express a warm and radiating type of energy that we often see manifest through their enthusiasm, passion and inspiration.   There is an innate creativity with Fire, along with a sense of individualism, self-confidence, and a pioneering spirit. While these signs share common qualities, all three express somewhat differently as they each belong to a different ‘quadruplicity’ (or mode). Aries is a cardinal sign and marks the beginning of the zodiac year (or cycle), so the energy associated with it is initiatory.

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