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The First Ray

Ray One

Will and Purpose

Music for the First Ray

Purpose, positivity, and leadership are the outstanding qualities of this Ray. The 1st Ray carries great strength and driving force. In fact, it is sometimes called the Destroyer. It is the Ray of the ruler and is particularly related to the field of government and leadership. Those who initiate undertakings and are found in positions of power are especially aligned with the energy of the 1st Ray.

The Qualities of the First Ray

~with Eva Smith

Understanding the Energy of the First Ray

The energy of the 1st Ray expresses through the Sun (life principle), the planet Pluto (liberator) and the asteroid Vulcan (forger of forms). The Zodiacal signs that transmit first ray energy are Aries as an energy that initiates (it is the first sign of the zodiacal wheel), Leo as an energy that expresses a will to be or illumine, and Capricorn as a will energy to achieve.


First Ray

I Assert the Fact

The first ray is pure energy of life force and the power of assertion is an important clue to its expression. The first ray is that brings intention into manifestation. It moves forward with purpose, power, and strength of will.


Black pencil with stroke

Point or a Line

The point or straight line communicates the energy of the first ray. It is not diffuse, inclusive, or soft. It gets ‘straight to the point’, it moves unwaveringly and with purpose from start to end. It represents the linear progression from birth (creation) to death (destruction).




The life force penetrates the crown chakra for distribution through the human energy system. The crown chakra integrates all seven chakras with their individual qualities. Symbolized by 1000 petals, when awakened, it provides us access to higher awareness and awakened consciousness.


First Ray Love


Red signifies primal power and creation,. It denotes power feelings including love, anger, and exhilaration. The color of the Base or Root Chakra is where life begins. Bring red into your meditation space using Red Jasper (grounding, supportive), Ruby (personal power and passion), or Fire Agate (courage, initiative).

Divine Principle for the First Ray

Right Human Relations

The perfected expression of the 1st Ray has its origin in Life It-Self. It is ‘the direct thread of God’s will’ descending from its highest spiritual point to the lowest point in creation. Right Relations begins when we align with spirit and unite the soul, mind, emotions, and body to function and act as a whole and pure expression of divinity. The Principle of Right Human Relations calls us to be and act in synthesis and wholeness with the totality of all life.

First Ray Features

First Ray Countries

Ray energy is expressed and can be observed in countries as well as individuals. These countries express qualities of the first ray.

Japan, Great Britain, Germany

First Ray in Nature

Nature provides us with abundant examples of First Ray expression. Here are a few examples.

Seed, Lightening, Arrow, Nuclear Bomb, Hawk, Volcano, Tornado, Mountain

Our greatest joy and our greatest spiritual responsibility is to become who we really are, which means, to fully express our spiritual archetype – our spiritual pattern, our identity…When we become conscious of our unique pattern of energies, and live true to that pattern, we become in actuality who and what we already are in essence.

 – Michael Robbins

Explore the qualities of the First Ray in detail.

Where do you see these qualities in yourself?

First Ray Personality Characteristics