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Esoteric (Soul) astrology offers an understanding that everything is a life – from the tiniest atom to the a galaxy and beyond.  All levels of life share their energies or qualities with all other lives. Therefore the heavenly bodies, known to us as stars and planets, are actually Beings that share their energies and qualities with us.

This book is a foundational tool in understanding the energy and expression of the soul through astrology.




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Revealing the Soul through Astrology

Astrology Illumined, an exploration of Esoteric Astrology, by authors Donna Mitchell-Moniak & Sara Traub, offers spiritual levels of meaning for every factor in astrology. Esoteric astrology turns the spiral from mundane, reactive, and personal to self-aware, responsive, and spiritual.

A picture is worth a thousand words and astrology is a symbolic language, so the authors blend pictures, illustrations, and tabulations together with prose to convey astrology as none other have done before. This is a one-of-a-kind astrology book written by teachers, designed to meet multiple learning styles, and bridging all levels of astrology so that the reader will gain insight into his or her psycho-spiritual development.

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