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The Labors of Hercules – Introduction

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The Labors of Hercules
Explore the Journey of the Awakened Soul through the Astrological Signs! Hercules, like us, was both divine and human and His tasks, the Twelve Labors, are our spiritual endeavors. Exploring and understanding the myths unfolds the psychological and spiritual endeavor the soul strives to accomplish in each zodiacal sign.

Labors of Hercules – The Myth in Taurus

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The Soul in Taurus seeks to transform desire and sensual fulfillment into enlightened living. The Fourth Ray expresses through Taurus, so art, the beauty of form, and the world of substance are all central to the Taurean nature. But the spiritual perfection in Taurus occurs when the Taurean begins to see that all matter is, in fact, part of the great garment of God in manifestation.

Labors of Hercules – The Myth in Virgo

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Hercules and his encounter with the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyte, brings us into the first real step into the spiritual realm. In Virgo, there is attention to order, organization, and purification of form. The divine feminine is the source of all manifested matter. When we balance the impulse of creation of the masculine with the feminine power to create, then the true expression of spirit can manifest. 

Labors of Hercules – The Myth in Cancer

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Cancer is a sign that has essential connection to the collective. It also holds consciousness for the family as a unit, and so holds energy for the individual family and the family of man. In the Cancer myth, Hercules helps us to understand how instinct is transformed into intuition so that our creative force can be brought into the realm of the sacred.

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