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Creating Full Moon Ceremony – Resources

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This recording will introduce you to Full Moon Ceremony and provide a template for learning and creating your own Full Moon Ceremony. Each month as the sun enters a different constellation we are exposed to the energies of that constellation.  As the sun and moon move toward the moment of the full moon the energies become more potent. These powerful energies can be enhanced, through ceremony and meditation, so that we achieve maximal benefit and transformation.

Astrology Basics ~ Lesson 6: Putting it All Together

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Practical application of the content and principles that have been provided throughout the previous lessons is the focus of this lesson. Using an analysis template and sample charts, the process of analyzing a chart is demonstrated.The charts of two well-known figures are used to identify signs, houses, polarity, elements, modes, chart shaping, and angles.

Astrology Basics ~ Lesson 5: Chart Structure and Aspects

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Aspects and chart structure and includes hemispheres, house groupings, and planetary placements are covered here. Quadrants are discussed to help understand personal and social expression and identity. Other chart symbols such as Chiron, north and south nodes, retrograde are introduced. Aspects are explained and examples are provided.

Astrology Basics ~ Lesson 4: Houses

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The Houses explores the 12 houses of the astrological chart. Basic chart structure and the 12 houses of the astrological chart are explained. Angles, the house elements and opposites are discussed. Sample charts are used to practice the identification of the sun, moon, and ascendent. The concept of Planets (What), Signs (How), and Houses (Where) is introduced.

Astrology Basics ~ Lesson 3: Elements, Polarity, Modes

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Elements, Polarity and Modes covers the astrological topics of polarity, elements, and modes and how to recognize them in their astrological expression. Explore the positive and negative energies of each sign. Learn how to recognize the qualities of the elements of fire, air, earth, and water in each of the signs. Each astrological sign expresses the characteristic of what is referred to as modes. Explore how these three modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable) carries an inherent flow of energy such as initiation, grown and development, and wholeness.

Astrology Basics ~ Lesson 2: The Signs

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The Signs: The 360 degree circle of the zodiac is divided into twelve segments comprising the houses of the zodiac. Each one of the twelve astrological signs is reviewed and includes; Ruling Planet and house, its element, glyph, and key words. Positive and negative energy expressed by each sign is covered as well as examples of famous individuals who express the energy of their astrological sign.

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