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The evolution of human consciousness is greatly accelerating. Many of us are striving to expand our understanding of the soul, deepen our spiritual foundations, and define the spiritual principles essential to living a truly soul-filled life. Explore the nature of the soul and techniques to nurture its expression in every day life. This eight-part series will deepen and expand your understanding and experience of the spiritual journey. This program will provide you with resources and tools to help you manifest your soul and its expression within the fabric of everyday life.


Art of Becoming the Soul- Introduction

Explore the philosophy that underlies all major world religions. Called the <a href="http://www.visionarylead.org/ageless-wisdom.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Ageless Wisdom,</a> or Esotericism, this philosophy provides a way to understand our spiritual nature more intimately. There is one life that underlies everything. Called God, Brahma, El, YHWY, Krishna, Allah, this unifying energy is the highest of vibration. Humanity is experiencing a spiritual awakening. Collective and individual consciousness is changing unlike at any other time in human evolution. Spiritual awakening brings about significant changes in how we think and act in relation to the world around us. Awakening can bring with it confusion, emotional turmoil, and changes in relationship that are hard to navigate. When we understand our spiritual being, we can better work with the changes to support our transformation. Listen as Michelle and William explore the foundations of the Esoteric Philosophy.


In Search of the Soul

The soul is found in everything, another word for consciousness, soul is really the ability to be aware and respond. Begin to understand the nature of the soul and how to discern it from the personality (ego). In humanity, it is not only consciousness, but it is the highest aspect of our being. The soul is always there and evolves in its ability to work through our imperfect personality. It slowly evolves toward a state of eventual perfection. Explore the “downward gazing” soul, as well as a variety of methods for recognizing the soul within the fabric of day-to-day life. These modules explore what soul is, how it works with personality and how we experience contact consciousness and our highest expression of being. Join <a href="https://soulbridging.com/featured-contributors/william-meader/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">William Meader</a> and Michelle Shaw in this first lesson, In <em>Search of the Soul</em>.


God and Creation

The search for God is a central theme in all world religions. For the last 2500 years, religious traditions have provided the most common path to understand God and Divinity. However, today many find that these traditional religious customs and practices meet their needs. An alternate to religious tradition and dogma is to explore the philosophy that underlies the major world religions. In this lesson, explore the distinction between God as separate from us (Transcendent) and God within us (Immanent). All life is sacred and we are seeds of that sacredness. The consciousness of <strong>all</strong> life (“chain of life”) is explored in a way that helps us to begin to realize the unity of all life.


The Majesty of Love

<em>The yearning for love is an outward expression of the search for our </em><em>own </em><em>soul.  Our partners often compliment what we believe we are missing.</em>   <em>The relationship may provide a glimpse of our own perfected being. Through the relationship, we feel more whole. Love offers us the possibility of union, partnership, happiness, and even joy, it rarely provides us with true wholeness. We may find union within our relationship on four levels, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. But, it is rare to find all four. When it is found, it is called a Soul Mate.  When union with our own soul is accomplished on the spiritual path, its ultimate gift is wholeness. Explore the mystery and majesty of love as the force that shapes the consciousness of the personality and the soul in significantly different ways.</em>


Seven Soul Types

There are seven soul types and each has a unique purpose and gift to convey to the world.  Rayology, often referred to as the Science of the Seven Rays, explains these distinctive soul types, both from the perspective of human consciousness and as they pertain to larger categories of human expression—such as national character and the social systems functioning within a culture.


Three Pillars

There are three practices that are vital when walking the spiritual path—Meditation-Study-Service. Sometimes called the Three Pillars, they are the means that will lead each of us to the gate of enlightenment and its accompanying joy. This module introduces these three disciplines as a way to more effectively express the soul. The practice of Meditation with Seed as a foundation for living a spiritually creative life; the role of study as an essential means of building the higher mind; and the importance of heartfelt service in support of humanity’s betterment, are all included.



Spiritual initiation is a milestone of development in the soul’s long evolutionary journey. Each one indicates that the soul has taken increased control over an aspect of the personality (ego). This module focuses on the incremental evolution of consciousness, and how each initiation indicates that the soul has taken dominion over a particular aspect of the personality.  William and Michelle will closely consider these initiatory steps (leading to enlightenment) with a particular focus on the changing nature of consciousness that accompanies each.


Practical Mysticism

Practical Mysticism is living our deepest spiritual expression while functioning in the everyday world. We are now living in an era when a mystical orientation to spiritual living is slowly yielding to a new and emerging paradigm—the <em>Era of Practical Mysticism. </em>This change is rooted in the transition occurring as we evolve from devotional spiritual practices to manifesting our spiritual essence through our work in the word.  While in the past the spiritual journey has emphasized the way of the heart, the practical mystic blends the heart with the mind as a prelude to tangible outer service.


The Soul's Magical Destiny

The Soul's Destiny is to express itself effectively through our human personality. This process is the creative expression of the soul. Sometimes referred to as White Magic. Every human soul is destined to become a spiritual magician. This requires that we become creative agents on behalf of the soul and the Greater Life that seeks to work through it. Explore the magical process and the intuitive methods used by the soul to shape new and progressive ideas within mind, and how the soul consciously uses emotion to render them magnetically attractive.


Other Lessons

Art of Becoming the Soul: Introduction

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Join Michelle and Willam as they introduce Esoteric Philosophy, the philosophy underlying all major world religions. Also referred to as The Ageless Wisdom, this ancient wisdom provides a way of understanding the spiritual journey without embracing any particular religious tradition. Explore your spiritual nature more intimately, and deepen your understanding of the divine world around us.

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