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Soul Bridging’s educational materials are designed and created to support you in understanding and connecting to your deeper spiritual identity and building the bridge to your soul.

At this remarkable time in history, the evolution of human consciousness is greatly accelerating. Many of us are striving to expand our understanding of the soul, deepen our spiritual foundations, and define the spiritual principles essential to living a truly soul-filled life.

This eight-part series will deepen and expand your understanding and experience of the spiritual journey. This program will provide you with resources and tools to help you manifest your soul and its expression within the fabric of everyday life.

Audio Meditations

(30 minutes) – The Tao Te Ching is an ancient Chinese text that has been cherished as “The Way” and in its simplicity, offers a code for living in harmony with the inner and outer worlds. It is as relevant today as when it was written some 8,000 years ago.

We are presenting this wisdom by Lao-tzu, “the old master” in a series of posts for you to contemplate and consider in your meditations. Each set of chapters will be accompanied by the magical artistry of Willow Norris. Enjoy!