We all seek to understand ourselves, our service, and purpose in the world. Astrology and Rayology are valuable tools to provide insight to who we are and why we are having a human experience. Soul Bridging’s Astrology and Rayology resources are chosen to assist you to better understand yourself related to the world of spirit.


Soul Purpose

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Soul Purpose Astrological Consult

The Soul Purpose Astrological Consult is a valuable tool for understanding the natal (birth) chart and its key indicators of the soul’s purpose. Through understanding our soul’s intention, as indicated in the natal chart, we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we can best live to our highest purpose.

During this 50-minute Soul Purpose Astrological Consult, we will identify the placement of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in the natal chart from the perspective of the soul and its goal for incarnating. Included in this are the gifts and challenges that present with that placement. The Soul Point, also known as the Ascendant, or Rising Sign will also be explored. Additional areas for discussion could include the North and South Nodes, as well as the role of Pluto.

Astrology Basics

Astrology Basics

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Astrology Basics is a 6 -lesson series introduction to the complex world of astrology. It is suitable for beginners, new students, or anyone with a general interest in the topic. The program will take you through the basics while offering an entre into the unique language of this ancient art, in an easy-to-understand and visual format. A different topic is presented in each lesson, each one building on the previous lesson. At the end of the series, you will have a foundational understanding of the components of a horoscope and some basic tools to synthesize the information.

Soul Level or Spiritual Astrology

Astrology for the Soul Product

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Astrology for the Soul an online course featuring world-renowned Esoteric Astrologers Michael Robbins, Heidi Rose Robbins, and William Meader.

Are you yearning for more alignment and a deeper meaning that empowers you and helps others? Astrology for the Soul will help you to understand your soul’s purpose and how it is trying to work in your life. Discover where your astrological chart provides clues to your higher spiritual purpose and intention.


Rayology Course Product

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The spiritual path is the path of awakening to who we really are. Rayology provides us with a way to more deeply understand ourselves and others in very real and practical ways. The seven rays reveal our essential vibration and how we express them. Through this, we awaken to who we really are. Knowledge of our ray energy points us to our blueprint, our design, and who we must become. As we to see and embrace our gifts, talents, and weaknesses, we consciously partner our soul-self to its fullest expression.

The Seven Soul Types Product

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The Seven Soul Types Course is an exploration into awakening to who we really are. There are seven different types of souls and your soul is found on one of these seven streams of consciousness. It is possible to identify your soul ray, as well as the rays that influence your mind, emotions, physical body, and personality. Through identifying your rays, you can begin to understand who, and why you are. Clues to your soul’s purpose, what brings you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose are revealed once you begin to explore and understand your ray structure.