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The Greater Life is Ready to Share its Wisdom

We are enriched and uplifted through our connection with the natural world and the animal kingdom. While our societies have become more industrialized and technological, we often no longer recognize ourselves as part of nature. As a result, we have become increasingly distanced from the deep, rich, and soulful communication readily available to us in nature.

Through reconnecting with nature, we re-connect to a wealth of profound and uplifting wisdom that is waiting to communicate important information about our deeper selves. Animal visitation or experiences in nature that speak to us are often a source of deep healing and growth. Nature messages are often pure, simple and uncomplicated. Explore this ongoing content on Nature as a messenger from the soul.

Desperado and the Right Use of Power

Awareness choice and commitment are powerful transformative tools. When confronted with the challenge to address the improper use of power, my decision to experience and hold all my nasty emotions and thoughts continued to shift the dynamic in the herd. I was in complete awe bearing witness to the energetic shifts only by me owning my experience in thought and emotion fully.

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The Four Directions – Ritual Practice

The Four Directions are recognized by cultures throughout human history as having specific energy patterns and qualities. The directions correspond with the four aspects of the human body (physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit) and the four elements of nature (fire, air, earth, and water). Incorporating the four directions in ceremony and spiritual practice provides power and valuable support for integration and healing

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Horse as Healer

My life with horses began as a deep friendship and a whole lot of fun. After 35 years, my relationship with them is all that and so much more.My best friend of 27 years was my horse friend Admiral. We journeyed through life together, beginning in my early teens through marriage and motherhood. It wasn't until the time arrived for me to assist in his death that the profound awakening of our relationship opened to me. I'll talk more about that at another time.

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The Worm Moon, Spring Equinox, and the Aries Ingress

The Worm Moon is the last full moon of winter. This is the third and last super moon of 2019 and occurs at the same time as the Spring Equinox and the Ingress into the sign of Aries, so it offers us a lot of support when we connect and aline with it.

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Tangaroa ~ The Tides of Gratitude and Abundance

Water is life and life requires the presence of water. In abundance. Without it all life perishes and becomes dust. Without it all life ceases to exist. For we live on in the curling sweep of a single blue ecosystem, where every creature is intimately and intrinsically connected to every other creature. Water provides connection and it provides balance. Water is the way in which life transmits itself and joins one form to another. To understand water is to understand the physical reality of life.

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Moteatea – The Power of Sound and Healing

We are energy beings, energy slowed to a crawl. We are pure energy, and a tiny section of a great energy field, in fact of all energy. Our cells and atoms vibrate in tune with the universe and with every other thing, animate or inanimate. Animals vibrate; plants, rocks and trees vibrate, for they are all energy, and in no way separate from all that is around them and all that is. That is a powerful thing to contemplate, for it means there is no separation, either between us or everything around us. That means that even when we are standing apart from another person, we are part of them and they of us. We are joined intimately to each other, to the rest of the planet and in turn to all the stars and galaxies.

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