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The Greater Life is Ready to Share its Wisdom

We are enriched and uplifted through our connection with the natural world and the animal kingdom. While our societies have become more industrialized and technological, we often no longer recognize ourselves as part of nature. As a result, we have become increasingly distanced from the deep, rich, and soulful communication readily available to us in nature.

Through reconnecting with nature, we re-connect to a wealth of profound and uplifting wisdom that is waiting to communicate important information about our deeper selves. Animal visitation or experiences in nature that speak to us are often a source of deep healing and growth. Nature messages are often pure, simple and uncomplicated. Explore this ongoing content on Nature as a messenger from the soul.

Going Barefoot on the Earth ~ Papatuanuku

What is important is that we open the channel to the Divine/God/ IO, and that we work hard to both enlarge and keep open that channel. One way of doing that is through Nature, and our connection to the planet. We are a part of the planet, made from and fed by it. In time, each of us will return to it and be reabsorbed by it. Our physical self will no longer exist, and yet it will have become a part of the planet, as it was before it appeared. In so doing we will be connected to all those who have passed and all those yet to be formed from it. There is no physical separation, either past, present, or future. We arise from our mother, the earth, walk upon and with her, and then return to be with and within her once more....read more.

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Walking in the Wild

Find Your Wild I love backpacking. There is something immensely satisfying in traveling with all your belongings carried turtle-like on your back. Each footfall takes me further from civilization and deeper into the wild. Each step leads me back to myself. Worries, concerns, and my to-do list, all fall away; I am a snake shedding its skin, reborn into new life.

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Magpie Messages – Finding Magic Around Us

There were many Magpie messages for me that night.  I have always loved these birds.  I admire how elegant they appear in their formal tuxedos with their long snappy tails. They seem clear cut, black and white, and then I see the flash of blue and the shimmer of iridescent green that sparks around them, reminding me that there is a hidden magic to life. I admire their intelligence, their ingenuity, and resourcefulness. These birds are bright and bold and proud of who they are.

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Nature’s Soul Messengers – Sunset Reverie

At sunset, there is a clarity of the air that transports me from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Warm light spills across the landscape, a web of spun gold that captures my heart. The liminal time between day and night hangs suspended in the gauzy light. In this magical space, we can find ourselves. We can feel our essence, pure and clear, free of the distortions of our daily living.

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