Nature, New Birth, and Balance

Worm Moon

The Worm Moon is the last full moon of winter. It usually occurs before the Spring equinox and sometime between the 19th and 21st of March. This year, though, the Worm Moon actually occurs on March 21, so it is technically after the Spring Equinox, which occurs on March 20. This is the third and last super moon of 2019. So, once again, the dynamic effect of this moon is enhanced because of its relative closeness to the earth.

Worm Moon

Worm MoonNative American tribes and early Europeans often named months after important natural features that were observed at that time of year. These names helped them to connect with and integrate the energies that were present and so vital to them in the natural world. Their cultures closely linked with the rhythms of nature, and so their time cycle was much more moon (lunar) based than our current calendar, based on a solar year.

The Worm moon celebrates the arrival of spring and the diminishment of the cold weather and warming of the frozen ground. New plants and life begin to be evident, and the appearance of earthworms, an important player in the quality of soil for plant growth become active. Some other names for this moon are the Moon, the Crow, Sap, or Sugar Moon, all features of the natural world that are visible at this time of the year.

Spring Equinox

Spring EquinoxAt the same time that we honoring the last full moon of winter, we celebrate the Spring Equinox. Traditionally this event marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Equinoxes occur twice per year, one each in the Spring and Fall.

The word Equinox translates as “equal night.” It is at these two times of the year that the sun shines most directly on the equator, and the length of daylight equals the period of darkness. Light and dark, the masculine and feminine, and initiation and reflection find a place of balance. Through this, we are provided with an opportunity to intentionally acknowledge the energy unfolding around us and to align ourselves with it.


The equinoxes have held important spiritual significance for human consciousness. Moving forward through Spring, daylight lengthens. As this occurs, the earth and the natural world around us awakens and a new cycle of birth unfolds. New plant growth pushes through the cold ground, nature all around us swells with the promise of a new birth and activity increases everywhere around us.

This great awakening of nature resonates with our human consciousness inviting a spiritual renewal. Just as the hours of light increase around us, so also does our ability to hold and radiate more light than darkness as a sign of our awakening. As we become increasingly light-filled and creative, we increasingly radiate our inner spiritual light for the benefit of others. Aligning ourselves with the flow of this natural energy around us can stimulate and support our spiritual transformation.


Spring EquinoxTake advantage of the supportive natural energy occurring during this Spring Equinox and its partner the Super, Full Worm Moon. Acknowledge your place on the spiritual path, how you work to manifest your light, and the transformation that is occurring around and within you.  Use the gifts of Libra to support diplomacy, compromise, balance, and cooperation in relationships. Speak your truth, share your point of view, and collaborate with others.

Here are some ideas to create a ritual to celebrate this moon:

  • Perform a blessing of the seeds that you plan to sow this year. These can be the flower or vegetable seeds that you will plant in this year’s garden, or the seeds of new ideas, endeavors, or projects that will be engaging in this year. The Aries energy of initiating the new will support you!
  • Use the power of your meditation practice and focus on the theme of balance and increasing light. Work to develop awareness of where there is an imbalance in relationships, work responsibilities, having fun, and making commitments. You can reap valuable insights with this focus.
  • Color eggs. As you apply color and decoration, ponder on the soft new colors, pastels, and light greens, that are appearing in the world around you. Contemplate how eggs symbolize new life, the awakening of the earth, and the new things that will be born this year.