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The Worm Moon, Spring Equinox, and the Aries Ingress

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The Worm Moon is the last full moon of winter. This is the third and last super moon of 2019 and occurs at the same time as the Spring Equinox and the Ingress into the sign of Aries, so it offers us a lot of support when we connect and aline with it.

Full Moon Meditation in the Sign of Aries 2019

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This month the sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20th, the same day as the Spring Equinox and the full moon. So, therefore this is a most potent full moon. We also have another full moon within this same Aries/Libra cycle. The full moon occurs on April 19th, when we will celebrate the Festival of Easter. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Thus we are beginning a new cycle of creativity and manifestation.

Introduction to Aspects: Soft Aspects and Orbs

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Soft Aspects and Orbs: The trine and sextile are often referred to as soft aspects, and they suggest an energy between planets which is easy, flowing and innate. These aspects suggest cooperation between the energies of two (or more) planets and can reflect innate talents, things that come easily or naturally to the individual. As such, they offer opportunities for creativity; however, if there are too many easy aspects within a chart, there can be very little for a person to strive for.

Rayology and the Seven Streams of Consciousness

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Rayology can help us to awaken to who we are and how we can use our gifts and strengths most effectively. As we become conscious of our unique pattern of energies and when we live true to that pattern, we grow into who and what we already are in essence. In fact, it is our most profound purpose as human beings to manifest our spiritual blueprint or archetype.

Introduction to Aspects: Conjunction & Hard Aspects

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Astrological aspects identify the mathematical relationship (or angle) between 2, or more, planets or angles in a chart. While there are many aspects used by astrologers, the best place to begin is with the five traditional major aspects, the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, and Opposition. Major aspects are those that can be used to divide 360 evenly and are each divisible by 10. Each of these aspects represents a different type of energy, and some are more challenging than others. It is important to remember, however, that no aspect is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and too many or too few of one type can be a disadvantage. Aspects may be helpful or detrimental, depending on the planets involved…they describe the potential interaction, tendencies, abilities, and disabilities apparent with the inter-relationships that exist. In this article the conjunction, opposition, and square are highlighted.

Defining Esoteric or Spiritual Astrology

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Esoteric or Soul-Centered Astrology provides a way to understand ourselves through the lens of our individual consciousness. Astrology is an invaluable tool for self-understanding, personal guidance, and integration. However, traditional astrology is limited due to its inability to work within the framework of varying consciousness. Soul-centered Astrology factors consciousness into the analysis of an individual's astrology.

Pisces Full Moon 2019

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This month we are invited to balance the energies of the Pisces sun with the Virgo moon. Water and earth join in an attempt to move with the fluidity of water while still keeping our feet on Mother Earth. Pisces always envisions the mystical, the highest possibility, and the ideal manifestation. Virgo says, “That’s all good, but you also live in physical reality and must obey the laws of nature.” How do you engage with the earth energies to help you manifest your Piscean visions?

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