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At Soul Bridging we create and advance uplifting spiritual content to support humanity’s awakening consciousness. We hold a vision that everyone supports and nurtures their awakening consciousness. We advocate spiritual values that dissolve separation and promote unity.


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Our Leadership Team

Michelle Shaw

Founder and Creative Inspiration

The path of self-discovery is not easy.  I have a fierce hunger to know all of who I am and have been consciously seeking for over 2 decades. Spiritual transformation can be lonely and painful and navigating our transformation requires courage, commitment, support, and honesty.

I am dedicated to building the bridge between my personality and Soul and find ways to support others who are consciously trying to do the same. Soul Bridging is created with you in mind – a calming place inviting you to step away from outer busy-ness to find inspiration and centering in order to live a deeper, more authentic life.

No-one knows “THE way” for you – – that is for you to find.  But, you are not alone in the journey. Pause at our homepage, exhale, and turn inward to explore your inner world.

It is my sincere hope that you find Soul Bridging a beautiful, nourishing, and meaningful place that you trust and return to often in support of your journey.


Therese Rossignol

Executive Director

Here at Soul Bridging we commit to our personal spiritual journeys. We have been supported on our journeys and are dedicated to supporting you by providing uplifting, inspiring, and transformative content.

Through the energy of our intention we strive to support connection, both for you internally in your personal soul work, and by connecting you to remarkable, well known, and ordinary people doing their soul work in the world. We seek to provide spiritually nourishing content that is not tied to a particular spiritual tradition, but that embraces all.

We celebrate the path of awakening and we will continuously search for content and contributors to share their wisdom and trusted tools to assist you on your path.

May you find your way onto the bridge and delight in your journey!

Blessings and Light,


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Our Contributors

We are always seeking to build bridges with amazing collaborators. Please check out their websites!

Sue Hardman -Conklin

Jayne Logan

Karen Johannsen