God and Creation
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Join Soul Bridging Founder Michelle Shaw as she explores the Soul and its expression with Author and teacher, William Meader for God and Creation.

The search for God is a central theme in all world religions. For the last 2500 years, religious traditions have provided the most common path to understand God and Divinity. However, today many find that these traditional religious customs and practices no longer meet their needs. An alternative spiritual path to religious tradition and dogma is to explore the philosophy that underlies the major world religions.

In this program, explore the distinction between God as separate from us (Transcendent) and God within us (Immanent). All life is sacred and we are seeds of that sacredness. The consciousness of the one life (“chain of life”) is explored in a way that helps us to begin to realize the unity of all life. Topics covered in the discussion include:


God and Creation – Lesson 4: Eastern and Western Theology

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: StaffComplexity: Standard

Lesson 4: Eastern and Western Theology This lesson focuses on the following topics: Embracing monotheism, polytheism, and pantheism God, creation, and our divinity Click here to download audio versions of these videos.

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