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What Do You Really Want?

There’s a point in each yoga class when I say to my students, “What do you really want? Open your heart to it and imagine that you are receiving it now.” I have no idea what they want; although because it’s a class called “Yoga For Stress Reduction," I imagine they all want to feel peaceful and calm. So I offer that as a suggestion – priming the pump a little. But who knows? Maybe what they’re imagining receiving is a new car, or a promotion at work?

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Beyond the Sun Sign

Exploring the Sun Sign aspects of astrology can be fun. We learn a little bit about ourselves and maybe have a giggle as well. While identifying your sun sign is, admittedly, a valuable way to begin to understand yourself, it is nearly impossible to go much deeper. Astrology has so much more to offer when we dive deeply into the details. So, what do we need to explore our astrology to get more in-depth insight?

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The Magic of Seven

Seven is a significant number for humanity and our evolving consciousness. It has had cultural significance throughout human history and is frequently referred to in religious texts. The number seven is woven through our stories, myths, and traditions with it meaning completeness, wholeness, and fulfillment.

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