Labors of Hercules

The Labors of Hercules

The Journey of the Soul through the Astrological Signs

Myths and Legends provide us with important and long-lasting insight into what it means to be human. 

Through this online, self-paced course, explore the twelve labors of Hercules and how they tell the story of the soul’s purpose in each of the zodiacal signs. Hercules, both human and divine, is the story of us as spiritual humans. Through his labors, the purpose of the soul in each astrological sign is unfolded. When we understand the use of the energy of the sign on the part of the soul, we can better align ourselves with its purpose to support our spiritual evolution.

Explore the journey of the soul through the astrological signs and deepen your understanding of your spiritual purpose.  

Bust of Hercules

Listen to the Introduction

Join author, astrologer, and teacher, Kathy Newburn in a rich and meaningful exploration of the evolution of the Soul through the astrological signs.

The Cave of Hercules


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