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Soul Bridging TVTune in to Soul Bridging TV for meaningful conversations about the soul, the spiritual journey, connection, and all things soul-full! You’re invited to join us for scheduled episodes, so follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Bring an open heart, curious mind, and your spiritual questions. We love to talk and we’d love you to join in the conversation!

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Listen in to a rich conversation about Spiritual Awakening. Explore what it is, how we arrive at the place of awakening, and the signs and symptoms common to the awakening experience.

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Meet the Hosts

Michelle Shaw, Founder of Soul Bridging

Michelle Shaw


Michelle is a student of Earth-based medicine and the Emotional Body. She has studied with Henri McKinnon, William Meader, Heidi Robbins, and more.

“The path of self-discovery is not easy.  I have a fierce hunger to know all of who I am and have been consciously seeking for over 2 decades. Navigating our spiritual transformation requires courage, commitment, support, and honesty. I am dedicated to building the bridge between my personality and Soul, and finding ways to support others who are consciously trying to do the same.”

Therese Rossignol, Executive Director of Soul Bridging

Therese Rossignol


Therese is a student of Spiritual Astrology and esoteric wisdom. She has worked closely with William Meader and was recently interviewed by Heidi Robbins for The Radiance Project podcast.

“Through the energy of our intention we strive to support connection, both for you internally in your personal soul work, and by connecting you to remarkable, well known, and ordinary people doing their soul work in the world. May you find your way onto the bridge and delight in your journey!”

Danielle Miller, Community Director at Soul Bridging

Danielle Miller


Danielle is at the beginning her soulful journey and brings an element of curiosity to the discussions.

“Driven by the search for meaning and purpose, my spiritual journey is a balancing act of learning, feeling, and putting in practice soul-full strategies. We are all seeking deeper connection and I am so grateful for Soul Bridging as it has become my resource for much needed tools and guidance on the spiritual path.”

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Let’s Connect!

Our vision is that all individuals become facilitators of their own awakening consciousness.

We want to connect with you and spark discussions so we can all learn and grow together. You’re encouraged to reach out to us on social media or via email with your questions and comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Follow SoulBridging to keep posted when we have new episodes or new discussion topics. We raise our vibration and send deep gratitude for every time you tell a friend about #SoulSessionsTV. You are truly making a positive impact as we move forward on our mission of building a bridge to Soul.

In love and light,

Michelle, Therese, and Danielle