The Three Pillars of Spiritual Practice
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The Three Pillars of Spiritual Living

Join Soul Bridging Founder Michelle Shaw as she explores the Soul and its expression with Author and teacher, William Meader in The Three Pillars for Spiritual Living.

Three essential practices are vital when walking the spiritual path. These include Meditation, Study, and Service. Sometimes called the Three Pillars, these three are the means that will lead each of us to the gate of enlightenment and its accompanying joy. When used intentionally, these three practices act to support the connection with the soul so that it can express more effectively.

This module introduces these three disciplines. The practice of Meditation with Seed as a foundation for living a spiritually creative life; the role of study as an essential means of building the higher mind; and the importance of heartfelt service in support of humanity’s betterment, are all included. Topics covered in the discussion include:


The Three Pillars – Lesson 2: Study

Author: Staff

Lesson 2: Study – Developing the Mind This lesson focuses on these topics: The realization that the higher (abstract) mind is an instrument of the soul. Using the mind in a controlled way to facilitate […]

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