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The Magic of Seven

Seven is a significant number for humanity and our evolving consciousness. It has had cultural significance throughout human history and is frequently referred to in religious texts. The number seven is woven through our stories, myths, and traditions with it meaning completeness, wholeness, and fulfillment.

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Being Present: Are You Here or There?

You can be in two places at once. It happens all the time. You’re at the dinner table with your family, but your attention is focused on a problem you’re trying to solve at work. Essentially your mind is at the office while your body is at the dinner table.Having your body in one place and your mind somewhere else is easy. It takes no special skill. The real trick is in bringing the body and mind to the same place. Can you do that? What happens if you try?

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Leo Full Moon 2019

The journey through Leo requires the courage and devotion of the Lion, one of the symbols of Leo. We are asked to embody nothing less than the spark of divinity that we are. Once that recognition takes place and we feel our sacredness, we feel the connection to our heart, we become aware of the gifts we have to share with the world.

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Desperado and the Right Use of Power

Awareness choice and commitment are powerful transformative tools. When confronted with the challenge to address the improper use of power, my decision to experience and hold all my nasty emotions and thoughts continued to shift the dynamic in the herd. I was in complete awe bearing witness to the energetic shifts only by me owning my experience in thought and emotion fully.

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