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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Awakening to our spiritual-self introduces us to the reality that we are living with a foot in two worlds, one of form and one of spirit. While this presents all kinds of unfamiliar challenges, we are not alone. Spirit wants to partner with us and help. It is always ready, especially when it is for our highest good. But, we must ask for its intervention and support, as it will not act without our invitation. This is the power of intention.

There are simple and authentic practices that we can implement to invite the participation of spirit in our lives. These requests, when made sincerely and through your highest intentions will activate the subtle reality around you in support. As we do this, the world of spirit responds to assist us.

Our Soul Goods are chosen to help you set intention and hold that intention as a reminder, throughout the course of your day. As you use our bowls, wrap your shawl around you, you can reset your intention and remember to say “Thank You” to your partner, the world of spirit.

Intention Scarves

Aurora Scarf 3
Aurora Scarf Awakening
Diana Scarf
Diana Scarf Protection
Abundantia Scarf 2
Abundantia Scarf Abundance
Trivia Scarf 2
Trivia Scarf Guidance

Burning Bowls

Burning Bowls
Burning Bowl
Corporate Burning Bowl
Burning Bowl Set

Full Moon Meditation Card Set

Full Moon Meditation Card Set
Full Moon Magic Card Set