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Meditation is a valuable consciousness and health practice. There are many ways to meditate, but the result is always the same; finding a settled place of center and stillness. While meditation helps to obtain a state of relaxation, it does not bring about a lack of awareness. The most rewarding aspects of regular meditation practice is developing the skill to quiet the churning thoughts of a chattering and busy (monkey) mind.

1301, 2018

Going Barefoot on the Earth ~ Papatuanuku

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What is important is that we open the channel to the Divine/God/ IO, and that we work hard to both enlarge and keep open that channel. One way of doing that is through Nature, and our connection to the planet. We are a part of the planet, made from and fed by it. In time, each of us will return to it and be reabsorbed by it. Our physical self will no longer exist, and yet it will have become a part of the planet, as it was before it appeared. In so doing we will be connected to all those who have passed and all those yet to be formed from it. There is no physical separation, either past, present, or future. We arise from our mother, the earth, walk upon and with her, and then return to be with and within her once more....read more.

2402, 2016

The Power of Meditation: 7 Reasons to Quiet the Mind and Promote Peace in Your Life

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Anyone on the spiritual path is familiar with the practice of meditation, taking time to sit and quiet the mind. As the practice of quieting the mind becomes more widespread and popular we are finding [...]