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Spiritual alchemy is the process where we begin to magically expresses the transformative power of the soul’s love and wisdom.  When we do this as an act of service to humanity, our influence in the world becomes uplifting and profound.

The destiny of every human soul is to magically express its wisdom and love as an act of service to humanity. When this is done well, an individual’s influence in the world is uplifting and profound. Join William Meader in an examination of the nature of the soul and the process through which it evolves to become a creative agent in support of humanity’s upliftment.

This program provides foundational concepts of the Esoteric Philosophy to develop an understanding of how to recognize the soul within the context of your everyday life and how they can be used creative intention in service to human betterment. This program will cover basic concepts such as learning how to recognize the soul within the fabric of consciousness and how the soul seeks to alchemically influence the personality (ego).

  • The art of generating creative thoughts according to the soul’s purpose
  • Learn the time-honored steps used in the creative (magical) process
  • Discover how to bring soul-inspired ideas into the outer world as an act of service
  • Understand how the personality can subtly distort the soul’s wisdom, and the means to counter these tendencies

Join William Meader in this Soul Bridging hosted program filmed in Santa Monica, California.  Explore the use of creative intention, discover how to recognize and nurture the soul in everyday life and learn to become a creative agent in support of humanity’s upliftment. The program includes the following topics.

Lesson 1: The Voice of Identity

Lesson 2: The Soul as Universal Matrix

Lesson 3: Nature of the Soul

Lesson 4: Soul of a Human Being

Lesson 5: Kingdoms of Nature

Lesson 6: The Causal Body

Lesson 7: The Trinity

Lesson 8: Fourth Ray

Lesson 9: Fifth Ray

Lesson 10: Sixth Ray

Lesson 11: Seventh Ray

Lesson 11: Soul Infused Personality


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