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Going Barefoot on the Earth ~ Papatuanuku

What is important is that we open the channel to the Divine/God/ IO, and that we work hard to both enlarge and keep open that channel. One way of doing that is through Nature, and our connection to the planet. We are a part of the planet, made from and fed by it. In time, each of us will return to it and be reabsorbed by it. Our physical self will no longer exist, and yet it will have become a part of the planet, as it was before it appeared. In so doing we will be connected to all those who have passed and all those yet to be formed from it. There is no physical separation, either past, present, or future. We arise from our mother, the earth, walk upon and with her, and then return to be with and within her once more....read more.

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“I Don’t Want to Feel That” – Transforming Discomfort Into Ease

We hear all the time that aging comes with increasing discomfort. But is it possible that it could be just the opposite? What if, as we age, we get increasingly skilled at transforming discomfort into ease? What if each year brings more ease and contentment?

Finding Freedom in Letting Go – Part One: “Stuff”

There’s a deep wisdom to purging ourselves of 'stuff'. It is creating space for something new and vibrant to be birthed in the new year. I'm inspired to gaze deeply into the small and large things that I surround and fill myself with. What are the things that are taking up physical space in my life? What are the emotions and thoughts that fill my heart and mind?  After all, if something is holding a space, there’s no room for anything else there.

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Love, Loss, and a Bigger Stronger Love

What was grief doing here on the morning of a day like this? It had no business at a wedding. But here it was. Mindful of Rumi’s poem, 'The Guest House,' I knew grief, if present, must have an important message and/or role to play. I knew it wasn’t to be ignored or pushed away. What did it mean and where did it come from?

Walking in the Wild

Find Your Wild I love backpacking. There is something immensely satisfying in traveling with all your belongings carried turtle-like on your back. Each footfall takes me further from civilization and deeper into the wild. Each step leads me back to myself. Worries, concerns, and my to-do list, all fall away; I am a snake shedding its skin, reborn into new life.

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