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Walking in the Wild

Find Your Wild I love backpacking. There is something immensely satisfying in traveling with all your belongings carried turtle-like on your back. Each footfall takes me further from civilization and deeper into the wild.

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Mindfulness Monday ~ Non-attachment

This week’s Mindfulness Monday focuses on Non-attachment. Attachment has its basis in desire – whatever the focus of that desire is. We acquire tangible property and ‘stuff’, or we experience attachment to a particular cherished ideal, relationship, or established ways of thinking. Most often we are not conscious of our attachment or the reason for it. Holding-on condemns us to living a constricted and imprisoned life. Think of a dog who is kept chained in a yard. He is not free to roam and explore as is his true nature. No chasing squirrels or birds. He can’t follow the scent of a favored human, or other pet. Instead, he is tightly tethered and forced into routine and conformity. He may be safe and out of trouble, but he is not exploring a world that is wide, open, and dynamic.

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Resisting Resistance – Embracing Change

I’ve got to be honest. I resist autumn. I just never want summer to end. You’d think I’d realize that resistance does no good. Summer ends, every year, no matter what. So this year, when I started to feel that resistance bubble up – I thought – time to try a new approach. Let go. Release the tension. Relax into the present moment. Open my heart to exactly what’s happening right now.

Living on Purpose – The Reality

Living your purpose isn't always smooth sailing, despite what so many blog posts and videos out there seem to promise. Living your purpose isn't as flowing, light, and fun as everyone says - at least not all the time.  No, fun aside, living your purpose can be bloody hard at times. Sticky, roller coastery, exhausting. Why? Because it still means you'll need to live life, manage your thoughts, patterns, triggers, belief systems, the way you set up and run your business and relationships - just the same as when you're not living it.

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Samskaras – The Untruths That Cause Suffering

Some of us are well aware of our pitfalls – our traps of thinking that trip us up over and over. Some of us have been working for years to try and rid ourselves of these traps. And yet, we keep getting caught in the same old, same old samskaras. So we commit to trying harder to rid ourselves of this darkness, believing that’s it through pushing ourselves that we will overcome.To be honest, I don’t think that works very well. Fortunately a wise teacher recently suggested a different approach.

Magpie Messages – Finding Magic Around Us

There were many Magpie messages for me that night.  I have always loved these birds.  I admire how elegant they appear in their formal tuxedos with their long snappy tails. They seem clear cut, black and white, and then I see the flash of blue and the shimmer of iridescent green that sparks around them, reminding me that there is a hidden magic to life. I admire their intelligence, their ingenuity, and resourcefulness. These birds are bright and bold and proud of who they are.

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