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Feeling Overwhelmed?

My daughter calls and immediately lets me know she’s feeling overwhelmed. I hear her out, acknowledging she’s got a lot on her plate. I ask, “Can you handle this moment?”“Yes. Of course,” she says, and immediately I hear the difference in her voice. As she keeps focusing on this moment, and then the next, her emotions settle, her mind stops churning and she feels better, realizing how capable she is – right here, right now. She can do this moment.

The Gifts of Owl Spirit Medicine

Our culture sees Owl as a symbol of wisdom and insight. Owl carries this medicine on silent wings and guides us through the darkest night. Owl teaches us that we are not flying blind, but are guided by our intuition. Owl teaches us to trust our inner knowing and our deepest Self. Owl Spirit Medicine reminds us to go within, to trust the ancient wisdom that lives within and through each one of us.

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Awareness of Hawk – The Lesson of “I Am”

A hawk was my first teacher of Oneness. A bird of prey that hunts other birds, this slender brown hawk offered me the most profound awareness of oneness.

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Conscious Choice Making

Why not choose a thought in this moment that moves me in the direction of more love? Why not choose to let go of tension I’m holding in my body in this moment? Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing flaws, why not choose right now to see the miracle of creation, the beauty and interesting complexity of a human face, kindness and love in the eyes?

The Illusion of Being in Control – The Reality of Being Vulnerable

Despite all my good choices, all the accomplishments and effort, some things happen that are completely out of my control. I hate that. I prefer the idea that if I just do all the right things, life will work out. I mostly live within the illusion of being in control. That works well – until it doesn’t.

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Sandhill Cranes – Joy in the Sun

The cranes offer a simple wisdom for how we can live our life.  We can greet each day, grounded to earth, full of joy and gratitude, energized by sunlight and the possibility that lives at the beginning of a new day. We can raise our voice and jump for joy and awaken to the Life force that will lift us up and give wings to our Spirit.

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