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Storytelling is a sacred ceremony.

Our stories provide a roadmap for the journey of self-discovery and our true identity. When we embrace our story, when we are willing to lean into our wounds, pain, and transformative opportunities, a path to the true self is revealed. Share your soul story of spiritual transformation with us on the ‘connect’ page.

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Soul Stories

Soul Story: It Takes Only One

It Takes Only One By Guest Blogger: MJ Harden I've known I can write since I was eight years old when I was a "reporter" for our community newsletter. Since then, I've written articles, books, brochures, websites, ads, travel guides . . . you get the idea. It's easy for me to write. But I never wondered what I was supposed to write. If you have a talent, perhaps you should ask why. Completing the World As Only You Can This light-bulb moment did not occur to me until I was 40 years old. I grew tired [...]

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Soul Stories – Sarah

I am certified Singing bowl Massage therapist, sound therapist and Reiki Master. I am is a native of Scotland, now living in Virginia USA. My passion for helping people started many years ago when I went to college to study Health and fitness. I earned my Diploma and went on to become a PT and fitness coach. I was born with natural healing abilities, as was my mother and grandmother. A few years ago I decided to use these abilities to help others. At this time I met a Monk from Nepal and began my journey with singing bowls.I set [...]

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Soul Stories – Darlene Shares Her Story

Sweet Surrender The ocean is quiet now, It's only movement - a gentle ebb and flow. For years these seas raged, twisting and turning thrashing up the pain of it's depths, anger, rage, unforgiveness, turned into giant waves, that crashed into the shore, shrieking it's frustration to the silent land. All these years the sun and the moon shone down on these dark turbulent writhing waters with a promise of warmth and gentleness, but the stubborn seas rejected it insisting on it's aloneness in it's pain.

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Soul Stories – Laura

When I was 3 years old, my family’s world changed forever. My Father was a scared man who suffered from severe anxiety and depression, and died by suicide when he was 31 years old. He left behind me, my two-week old baby sister, and my 29 year old Mother. This extremely traumatic event completely changed how I would grow up, what I would believe, how I would act, talk, think and relate to people. I became an adult at the age of 3 and took on the responsibility of keeping my family safe, happy and calm. I was [...]

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