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Exploring The Truth

By | 2018-05-06T06:24:38+00:00 May 9th, 2018|Sue Hardman-Conklin, Walking the Path|

I’m on a kick of exploring the truth. What I’m looking at is my personal truth. I’m trying to be completely open to and honest about what I’m feeling. Does the thought of brutal honesty make you nervous? No worries. I’m not communicating to others exactly what I’m feeling! I’m simply trying to be honest with myself. Not “brutally honest”, but “lovingly honest.”

Moteatea – The Power of Sound and Healing

By | 2018-05-06T22:01:54+00:00 April 26th, 2018|Blog, Nature and Animal Messengers, Tony Bridge, Walking the Path|

We are energy beings, energy slowed to a crawl. We are pure energy, and a tiny section of a great energy field, in fact of all energy. Our cells and atoms vibrate in tune with the universe and with every other thing, animate or inanimate. Animals vibrate; plants, rocks and trees vibrate, for they are all energy, and in no way separate from all that is around them and all that is. That is a powerful thing to contemplate, for it means there is no separation, either between us or everything around us. That means that even when we are standing apart from another person, we are part of them and they of us. We are joined intimately to each other, to the rest of the planet and in turn to all the stars and galaxies.

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