Aries Constellation
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Spiritual Astrology - An Overview

Spiritual Astrology holds a foundational belief in the principle of reincarnation. This is important because, when working with the soul, we must always take the long view. And, by long view, it means over many lifetimes. The soul's design is perfect. But, it is not perfect in how it works through an imperfect personality (our physical, emotional, and mental bodies).  The lessons and quality of previous lives (karma) carry with us through countless incarnations. And, they serve as a ‘map’ for the unfolding of each successive lifetime. The ultimate goal of the process of reincarnation results in the alleviation of all karma and perfection of the personality.  Through this process we develop a vehicle (personality) governed (and driven) by the light of the soul.


Houses - The "Where" of Astrology

The astrological chart is divided into 12 houses. Each house can be considered a department of life, or rooms comprising the wholeness of life. Higher vibration or expression occurs for planets and signs in Spiritual Astrology. This is true also for the houses. This chart shows (in yellow) the spiritual expression of the houses. If signs  provide the energy of how something unfolds, then the house is the place where it happens. When a house has several planets located there, there is a lot of energy, lessons, or "work" to do in that department of life. An empty house does not mean that nothing will happen there. Rather, it means that the soul lessons of this lifetime are not active in that aspect of life. Depending on the type of chart display chosen, the size of the houses can vary. Astrologers use a variety of house systems such as Koch, Placidus, Equal House or, Regiomontanus. The chart divides each of the 12 houses into 30 degree segments. One of the more popular house systems is Placidus. The first house begins at the degree of the ascendent (soul point), so if the ascendent is at 12 degrees Gemini, the first house starts at 12 degrees. Houses are ruled by planets in much the same way as with the signs. Mars rules the first house [Aries], Venus the second house, and so on.  Even though you might not have the planet in that house in your natal (birth chart), the first house will still have an Aries "feel" to it.


Planets - The "What of Astrology"

The location of the of the planets in the sky at the time of birth establishes an energetic blueprint for our lifetime. This blueprint, known as a natal chart, forms a type of roadmap. When understood, the chart provides valuable clues as to the objectives of the soul during the lifetime. Personality, characteristics, challenges, and gifts are better understood through these placements in the chart. As life progresses, the movement of the solar system around that natal chart forms different energetic relationships. This changes and impacts their influence. Each celestial body (the sun, asteriods, as well as the moon are included) emanates unique energetic qualities. These powerful energetic influences impact individuals and groups on our planet. Strongly placed planets can have a more significant impact during the course of life. Planets are considered strongly placed when they are either the ruler of the ascendent (soul point), if it relationships (aspects) with other planets, or if it rules, is exalted, or in its detriment in the sign it resides at the time of birht.


Signs - The "How" of Astrology

There are twelve signs in the zodiac and each transmits a specific vibration or energy.  The energy of each sign can be understood as an archetype. The astrological glyph for each sign is a valuable symbol to understand the archetypal energy of that sign. The astrological energy of the planets, signs, asteroids, and transits always present energetic potential rather than any kind of pre-determined truth. Two individuals, born in the same place, at the exact same moment can have very different expression of their signs, even though they have identical astrological charts. This is because one might be ruled by the personality energy of their astrology rather than the soul energy.  You will see throughout these modules, that traditional rulership is mentioned, but the soul rulership is emphasized. This program is geared for those awake to their higher spiritual impulses and is designed to introduce soul astrology rulership.


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