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  • Rayology ~ The Science of the Seven Rays

    by Therese Rossignol 19 Lessons in $74.00

    A Spiritual Framework for the Seven Rays Creation can be understood as the One Life seeking to express itself through form. Religious traditions all over the world and throughout human evolution have expressed the energy […]

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  • Full Moon Ceremony

    by Karen Johannsen 13 Lessons in , , $49.00

    Full Moon Ceremony

    This thirteen-part audio series is designed to support you in the development of ceremony around the full moon. Each recorded meditation is customized to the particular energy that manifests during each astrological sign throughout the year. Guided by author and psychotherapist, Karen Johannsen, you will be assisted in maximizing the energy of the full moon and creating your own ceremony.

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  • Astrology for the Soul

    by Therese Rossignol 43 Lessons in $74.00

    Aries Constellation

    Spiritual Astrology, also known as Esoteric Astrology, focuses more specifically on the inner life of unfolding consciousness. It centers on the soul and its effort to work effectively through the personality. Traditional astrology, on the […]

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  • Vibration - The Symphony of Life

    by Staff 0 Lessons in $3.99

    Welcome to Video Streaming: Vibration ~ The Symphony of Life     Experiencing the power of vibration is essential to feeling whole, becoming more aware, and uplifting ourselves with every conscious breath and through this, […]

  • Soul Speak - Building Your Vocabulary for the Soul

    by Therese Rossignol 0 Lessons

    Over the next three weeks, we're taking a journey to discover the tools that allow us to have a profound effect on how we influence the world. We'll start with an introduction to the bio-field, the intersection between science and soul.  Here’s what to expect: each day you'll receive an email with a short video. Doctors, scientists, and researchers will take turns introducing us to new concepts and directing us along this journey. 

  • Astrology Basics

    by Jayne Logan 6 Lessons in , $49.00

    Astrology Basics

    Astrology Basics is a 6 session series introduction to the complex world of astrology. It is suitable for beginners, new students, or anyone with a general interest in the topic. The program will take you through the basics while offering an entre into the unique language of this ancient art, in an easy-to-understand and interactive format. A different topic will be presented every week, each one building on the previous workshop. At the end of the series you will have a foundational understanding of the components of a horoscope and some basic tools to synthesize the information. The webinar format will allow for individual participation and practical application of the concepts presented. The content will be somewhat personalized through use of the participant’s charts (if they so choose) providing the opportunity to really bring the astrology to life.

  • Spiritual Alchemy

    by William Meader 0 Lessons in , $34.00

    The destiny of every human soul is to magically express its wisdom and love as an act of service to humanity. When this is done well, an individual’s influence in the world is uplifting and profound. Join William Meader in an examination of the nature of the soul and the process through which it evolves to become a creative agent in support of humanity’s upliftment.

    This program provides foundational concepts of the Esoteric Philosophy to develop understanding of how to recognize the soul within the context of your everyday life and how they can be used creative intention in service to human betterment. This program will cover basic concepts such as learning how to recognize the soul within the fabric of consciousness and how the soul seeks to alchemically influence the personality (ego).

    • The art of generating creative thoughts according to the soul’s purpose
    • Learn the time-honored steps used in the creative (magical) process
    • Discover how to bring soul-inspired ideas into the outer world as an act of service
    • Understand how the personality can subtly distort the soul’s wisdom, and the means to counter these tendencies

  • The Art of Becoming the Soul - Explore the Journey of Spiritual Awakening

    by Staff 44 Lessons in , $74.99

    ABS Course Image

    The evolution of human consciousness is greatly accelerating. Many of us are striving to expand our understanding of the soul, deepen our spiritual foundations, and define the spiritual principles essential to living a truly soul-filled life. Explore the nature of the soul and techniques to nurture its expression in every day life. This eight-part series will deepen and expand your understanding and experience of the spiritual journey. This program will provide you with resources and tools to help you manifest your soul and its expression within the fabric of everyday life.

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