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What Do You Really Want?

There’s a point in each yoga class when I say to my students, “What do you really want? Open your heart to it and imagine that you are receiving it now.” I have no idea what they want; although because it’s a class called “Yoga For Stress Reduction," I imagine they all want to feel peaceful and calm. So I offer that as a suggestion – priming the pump a little. But who knows? Maybe what they’re imagining receiving is a new car, or a promotion at work?

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Being Present: Are You Here or There?

You can be in two places at once. It happens all the time. You’re at the dinner table with your family, but your attention is focused on a problem you’re trying to solve at work. Essentially your mind is at the office while your body is at the dinner table.Having your body in one place and your mind somewhere else is easy. It takes no special skill. The real trick is in bringing the body and mind to the same place. Can you do that? What happens if you try?

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Desperado and the Right Use of Power

Awareness choice and commitment are powerful transformative tools. When confronted with the challenge to address the improper use of power, my decision to experience and hold all my nasty emotions and thoughts continued to shift the dynamic in the herd. I was in complete awe bearing witness to the energetic shifts only by me owning my experience in thought and emotion fully.

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The Four Directions – Ritual Practice

The Four Directions are recognized by cultures throughout human history as having specific energy patterns and qualities. The directions correspond with the four aspects of the human body (physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit) and the four elements of nature (fire, air, earth, and water). Incorporating the four directions in ceremony and spiritual practice provides power and valuable support for integration and healing

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