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Aries Full Moon Meditation – A Unique Opportunity

Every full moon is a period of unique opportunity. The spiritual realms are very close to us at these times and we can contact the energy of Light and Love that is channeled into the world. This energy benefits all of humankind. The first three full moons of the new zodiacal year, however, are said to be the most powerful of all the full moons. They constitute the spiritual high points of the entire year. The full moons in April, May and June are called the Three Festivals of Spring and they lay the foundation for the remaining 9 full moons. They form a powerful, energetic triangle of force that carries a tremendous potency.

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Being in Our Body to Connect with Spirit

When you are embodied, you bring light to planet earth by being a hundred percent you and by sharing your unique offering. You wouldn't feel doubt or lack of clarity, or at least, you wouldn't focus on them and let them drain you even more. You'd know why you are here and get on with your mission. When we are not here, not embodied, not grounded, we allow all those dark things that are happening around the globe to take over.

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Pisces Full Moon Meditation ~ Preparing for Renewal

Pisces is a sign of culmination and synthesis. We are asked to integrate what we have learned, to embody those new insights and leave behind what we do not wish to carry with us into the new beginning that Aries offers us.

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Aquarius Full Moon Meditation ~ February 2017

Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty humanity. This is the mantram of Aquarius. As the disciple, the Aquarian becomes the water bearer. He pours forth all his gifts and talents in service [...]

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Capricorn Full Moon Meditation – January 2017

This particular full moon presents us with several powerful challenges. We are dealing with what is called a cardinal cross. It is when 4 planets are all in cardinal signs and they form a cross in the sky. These planets are the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. What this cross is asking of us is to strengthen our patience, to use our intelligence in making decisions, to act in a purposeful way, with discipline and an attitude of cooperation. The energies of this cross can stimulate impulsiveness, rash and thoughtless behavior. Part of this dyna

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Sagittarius Full Moon – Meditation for Expansion

Winter and the Winter Solstice, in particular, is a time that asks us to go within and find a still point there. A point of light. The light may be difficult to find right now, within ourselves or within our world, but this is our task, to hold steady in that light and radiate it outward to a world in need. It’s been a difficult few weeks for many of us and it’s been a challenge to find our center amid so much division and separateness, but surely this is what we are being asked to do. To hold steady, to shine our light, to not give in to despair or hopelessness. We are not helpless. We have the power to affect the world situation and we can invoke the energy of Sagittarius to help us.

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