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Mindfulness Monday ~ Patience

Practicing patience in mindfulness practice calls for us to slow down. It requires that we watch, wait, and we observe the circumstances that are unfolding. The conditions of the unfolding then help to determine the right time to take action. This slowing down and practice of patience can be challenge, especially in fast-moving demands of everyday life.

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Mindfulness Monday ~ Trust

Trust begins in our body When we pay attention to and trust what our bodies are telling us, we open ourselves to a well-spring of subtle information. Begin practicing trust by listening to your body. Listen to its tension. Listen to its aches, twitches, and impulses. Recognize and acknowledge what these hold for you in the moments throughout the day. What does your body communicate during difficult conversations, decisions, or interactions?

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Full Moon in Scorpio

Holding the Opposites This full moon we are dealing with the Scorpio/Taurus polarity. The sun is in Scorpio and the moon is opposite it in the sign of Taurus. This polarity reveals the tension [...]

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Mindfulness Monday ~ Non-attachment

This week’s Mindfulness Monday focuses on Non-attachment. Attachment has its basis in desire – whatever the focus of that desire is. We acquire tangible property and ‘stuff’, or we experience attachment to a particular cherished ideal, relationship, or established ways of thinking. Most often we are not conscious of our attachment or the reason for it. Holding-on condemns us to living a constricted and imprisoned life. Think of a dog who is kept chained in a yard. He is not free to roam and explore as is his true nature. No chasing squirrels or birds. He can’t follow the scent of a favored human, or other pet. Instead, he is tightly tethered and forced into routine and conformity. He may be safe and out of trouble, but he is not exploring a world that is wide, open, and dynamic.

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Mindfulness Monday ~ Acceptance

Acceptance is translated in Latin as “to find rest in” and brings about calm and a peaceful mind. When practiced, the energy of reality offers a gift of a new way to experience everyday life. Acceptance presents us with a great open window. We can be stretched to grow, shift our frequency (find more positive responses) and explore other aspects of our coping mechanisms.

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Living on Purpose – The Reality

Living your purpose isn't always smooth sailing, despite what so many blog posts and videos out there seem to promise. Living your purpose isn't as flowing, light, and fun as everyone says - at least not all the time.  No, fun aside, living your purpose can be bloody hard at times. Sticky, roller coastery, exhausting. Why? Because it still means you'll need to live life, manage your thoughts, patterns, triggers, belief systems, the way you set up and run your business and relationships - just the same as when you're not living it.

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