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The Journey of Awakening

By | 2018-03-07T15:14:42+00:00 March 8th, 2018|Inspiration, Walking the Path|

Journeys into the unknown and rites of passage, understood as initiation, have been a part of most cultures. These are no longer an integral aspect of our modern lifestyle. We are more likely to dis-associate from our emotions and rites and initiations. As a result, we lose connection with the emotional aspect of our lives. This numbing or deadening is remedied when emotional eruption occurs and we give our attention to that something is not in balance.

Life Hacks for Weathering the Journey of Transformation

By | 2018-02-04T20:24:34+00:00 February 2nd, 2018|Sue Hardman-Conklin, Walking the Path|

Despite my well-honed problem solving skills, I’ve discovered a whole slew of problems that aren’t really meant to be solved. Instead they seem to be journeys that must be traveled. Often these are journeys of pain and loss. Thankfully there are a few life hacks that seem to lessen the suffering and speed up the process of transformation.

A Lunar Trilogy – An Opportunity for Transformation

By | 2018-01-30T02:41:30+00:00 January 29th, 2018|Astrology|

Wednesday, January 31 presents us with a lunar event that hasn’t happened for 150 years.The full moon occurs at 5:27 am PST and is unique. From a soul perspective, the energy of this trilogy full moon presents us with the energy for individual and collective transformation. So, get out your journal.  Meditate, say a prayer, light incense, or dance in the dark around a lit fire. Whatever your ceremony for centering and bringing the deepest part of you to the surface, this is a time when it can be transformed. Celebrate your deepest truth and let it burst into the light. It will surely lead to rich and lasting transformation

“I Don’t Want to Feel That” – Transforming Discomfort Into Ease

By | 2018-01-14T14:13:24+00:00 December 26th, 2017|Sue Hardman-Conklin, Walking the Path|

We hear all the time that aging comes with increasing discomfort. But is it possible that it could be just the opposite? What if, as we age, we get increasingly skilled at transforming discomfort into ease? What if each year brings more ease and contentment?

Samskaras – The Untruths That Cause Suffering

By | 2017-11-27T01:41:21+00:00 October 6th, 2017|Sue Hardman-Conklin, Walking the Path|

Some of us are well aware of our pitfalls – our traps of thinking that trip us up over and over. Some of us have been working for years to try and rid ourselves of these traps. And yet, we keep getting caught in the same old, same old samskaras. So we commit to trying harder to rid ourselves of this darkness, believing that’s it through pushing ourselves that we will overcome.To be honest, I don’t think that works very well. Fortunately a wise teacher recently suggested a different approach.

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