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The Shadow, Fear, and Trusting Our Inner Voice

Welcome friends to the full moon, that we are celebrating in the sign of Gemini This is the last of the Three Spring Festivals, but before we explain the significance of that important event let us talk for a few minutes about the specific energies that are impacting us at this full moon.

The moon is in a grand trine with Chiron and the North Node. This placement invites us to trust our inner voice and not be silent. We are asked to share our wisdom and truth with honesty, love and authenticity.

Transforming our Shadow

ShadowThe planet Jupiter is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio which means we might be facing some challenges from our inner demons, sometimes called our shadow. The purpose of this journey into our underground is to uncover whatever fears or belief systems are holding us back. Once uncovered we can lift them up to the light of the Soul to be illumined and transformed.

Jupiter is also in a positive aspect to Neptune which will allow us to connect with the unseen realms more easily. Perhaps this receptivity to our higher consciousness will give us the insights we need to deal with our shadow. It’s a good time to pay attention to our dreams and intuitive messages.

What Triggers Your Fears?

Saturn’s energy is strong at this full moon and its presence could trigger our fears. It might cause us to hold on tighter in an effort to control things or we might choose to shut down in the face of whatever fear emerges. The invitation is to trust more deeply and surrender to our Higher Will.

A beautiful quote from Ariel Spilsbury about surrender:

“In surrender, life is serve up in a perfection you couldn’t possibly imagine with the controlling mind. Surrender assumes that the highest possible outcome has already been selected by your essence and that you are experiencing exactly what your Soul intends, no matter how you think it looks.”

Now let’s switch gears a bit and talk about the last of the Three Spring Festivals.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Gemini Full Moon

After receiving the blessing from the Buddha last month at the Wesak Festival,  the Christ holds this sacred energy in trust until the moment of the full moon in the sign of Gemini. He then transmits it as a potent blessing of Love onto all of humanity. We are the blessed recipients of this down-pouring and therefore it is important that we consciously open ourselves to receive its blessing.

This full moon festival is called by several names.  The Festival of the Christ, The Festival of Humanity, and the Festival of Goodwill.  The Christ disperses the energy onto all of humanity and most of humanity will receive these vibrations as the “will to good,” a stepped down version of the power of unconditional love that the Christ demonstrates. It is up to us and the choices we make that will determine how we use this powerful blessing. The Soul centered goal of Gemini is intelligent love, the blending of the heart and the head. How can we join these two energies in our own lives this month

Gemini Personality

The Gemini personality can tend to be a bit unstable as it flits from one thing to another, always curious, always looking for stimulation and something new. In the glyph of this sign we see two pillars joined by a bar across the top. These two pillars represent the duality inherent in Gemini. As a personality the Gemini person has to continually work with his dual nature, the opposing forces within himself. He struggles with joining heart with mind, doubt and confidence, light and dark. At the highest level it is the duality of Soul and personality, Spirit and matter.

This month we might ponder on the questions,” Where am I at war with myself? What are the inner battles I am struggling with.? How can I bring unity to these opposites?” The good news is that there is a harmonizing aspect to the Gemini energy. It resides in its Soul centered ruler, Venus. She connects the opposing forces in a fluid synthesis. When you become aware of parts of your personality that are doing battle, invoke Venus, invoke love and harmony, and see if it can transform the battle into a united expression of healing love.

“The place where the this and the that
Are not opposed to each other
Is called the ‘pivot of the Tao.’
When we find this pivot, we find ourselves
At the center of the circle
As here we sit, serene
While yes and no keep chasing each other
Around the circumference, endlessly.”

The Tao

Gemini Full Moon

Full Moon in Gemini

The Meditation


Let us begin by finding a comfortable place to sit, where we will not be disturbed. Allow yourself to have this time, free of interruptions and distractions. Notice your posture and see if you can sit with your spine relatively erect without any tension or discomfort. Begin by taking a few deep cleansing breaths. Allow the breath to travel throughout your body, quieting, calming, creating softness and gentleness with every inhale. Let this life breath help you to come home into the body, to settle, to relax. Feel the stresses of the day release as you exhale. Now imagine that the color violet is filling the room. This is the color of Gemini. Breath it into your heart space and allow it to open your heart so that you are receptive to the downpouring of love that will occur as we invoke these energies of Gemini. Be aware now of your consciousness expanding, opening up, reaching up to the spiritual realms. See now, in your mind’s eye the image of the Christ. Imagine him in any way that resonates with you, but picture him as clearly and fully as you can. Become aware of the energy of Love that emanates from his Being and align yourself to that energy. Feel it enter your body filling every cell with love. Now imagine it expanding and enfolding your entire auric field. Then with a conscious act of focused will send forth your appeal, your demand, that the Christ release the energies of love throughout the planet. We are told that whenever we invoke, there will be a response, so know that as you do this an intense magnetic field of transforming power is being created that will draw the needed energies into the earth. Be open and receptive now to these powerful energies. Imagine them surrounding and integrating into the heart of the planet, touching all of the kingdoms of nature with the energy of dynamic love. Imagine now, that the love is again filling you, irradiating your entire body. Now see yourself, feel yourself walking among all those you meet and radiating this powerful love. See it manifest in the world through your radiation. Imagine it dispelling all illusions of separation between individuals, groups, and nations. Watch as it heals our planet.

May the love of the one Soul, focused in our group, radiate upon humanity and all nations, healing, soothing, strengthening and dissipating all that hinders service to the world. May the peace and blessings of the Holy Ones pour forth over all the world.

And so it is.

Bring yourself back to your room and feel your body fully connected to the earth. You might imagine roots growing out of the bottoms of your feel, sinking deep into the Mother. Wriggling your fingers and toes, make sure you feel grounded before you continue on with your day.