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Hunter's Moon

What is the Hunter’s Moon
Hunter's Moon 2019

October 13th at 2:10 pm (PDT)

The Full Moon in the Sign of Libra – Aries

This month’s full moon occurs on October 13th at 2:10 pm (PDT) At that moment the Sun, in the sign of Libra sits exactly opposite the moon, in the sign of Libra. Oppositions always ask for equilibrium and balance and Libra is the sign of equilibrium. How do we integrate the fiery, independent, initiating energy of Aries with the airy, relational, harmonious energy of Libra? Can we forge forward, bursting with our new idea and still consider the impact on others? Can we long for the melding of our relational hearts without giving away our power? How do we maintain our strength and still hold onto our tenderness? This are good questions to contemplate this month. Where is your life out of balance? What might bring it into alignment, into a more equal connection?

The Soul purpose of Libra is to stand for justice, balance and right relationship with all life. It is ruled by Venus and Uranus. Venus brings in the beauty, the harmony, the joining in love. Uranus says that’s all well and good but sometimes we need to get off the fence and break up the old order, the old mindset. We need to create a revolution within to bring in the new. Is there something in your life that needs to be revolutionized? Once that space is created can you imagine the new vision that might emerge?

Turning Inward

We are entering nature’s cycle of hibernation, of going within to settle and do our inner work. Maybe during this silent time, we can let out minds open to the possibilities that are there, waiting to burst forth.

The aspecting planets will bring us support as well as challenges this month. Whenever Aries is prominent in the sky, we are given courage to help us step into new beginnings. However, we also have some configurations that may bring up fears from our past. The moon, in Aries, squares Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, with the south node close by, also in Capricorn. We may feel a sense of dread as we attempt to move forward with new plans. With Pluto, Saturn and the South Node all in earth signs we can be pretty sure that those fears and feelings of apprehension are grounded in the reality of past experiences. However, we know that the past does not have to repeat itself. Perhaps we can find healthy ways to clear out the memories of old experiences that might have been painful or traumatic.

The Angel of America Meditation

I’d like to say a few words now about the meditation we will be using in a few minutes. This meditation is called, The Angel of America and it was first put forth by David Spangler, a spiritual teacher here in the Northwest. It is longer than usual, about 25 minutes, but I have been feeling a strong sense of urgency to do something to help support our nation in these troubled times. This meditation asks us to join with the Angel of America to create an alliance that will help in shifting the energetic environment of the Oval Office, The Supreme Court and Congress. Our intention is to help create an energetic atmosphere that will support the manifesting of the Soul Purpose of our country. It is bipartisan in its focus so it matters not which side of the aisle you identify with. I hope you will take the time to listen and begin to understand the power that is there for us to use.

The Meditation

Prepare for Meditation

Find a place where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off your phones make any other arrangements that will support your meditation. Sitting with your spine relatively erect gently put your attention on your breathing, just noticing the inbreath and outbreath, establishing a gentle natural rhythm.  Let the breath bring you home, into the body, to settle and relax. Now, breathe a silent OM into the physical body, releasing all tension and strain. Breathe a silent OM into the mental body, allowing the mind to become still. And finally breathe a silent OM into the emotional body, neutralizing any disruptive, conflicted energies.

Take a moment to feel the stillness that is created by this process. Now, imagine the Light of the Soul shining as a radiant ball of Light above your head. This Soul light contains the highest that is within you, your love, your wisdom, your power, the strength that you have garnered over lifetimes. See that light descend into your body. See it connect to each chakra as it moves downward into the center of the earth.  Breathe in that earth energy, strong, centered and grounded. Now as you inhale allow that earth energy to rise up to meet the Soul star above your head, and with the exhalation let the energies descend again down the central channel of your body into the earth.  Do this a for two or three breaths.  Feel the alignment that takes place as you join heaven and earth, within you.

The Meditation

Calling on Angels

Take a moment now to call in any helpers that you work with who you wish to assist you as we begin this work.  Invoke their presence and let them feel your gratitude.  Next, take a moment to attune yourself to the land in which you are doing this work.  Acknowledge and ask the devas and nature spirits to support you as you do this energy activisim. Ask these Beings of light to join you as you direct your attention to the center of your head, (your etheric head) sometimes called Angle of Americathe cave in the head. Imagine this cave with all these Light Beings sitting in a circle with you.  Candles are placed In the walls surrounding the cave so there is a feeling of gentle flickering light.  If you listen carefully you can hear the sacred Om being chanted softly in the background. In the center of your circle is an altar with a beautiful candle in the center.

Imagine yourself walking up to the altar and placing a few sacred objects that have deep meaning to you upon the altar. Take a moment to see if you can get a felt sense of this sacred place. We now begin the process of consciously connecting to our Soul.  Begin by focusing your attention on the Ajna center.  As you breathe in from the ajna center direct your energy to the altar in your cave and from that place let the movement of your breath be upward. So you are breathing inward to the cave and upward to the causal body, the Soul.  Inward and upward, as if the Soul was inhaling you toward it.  Do this for a few moments. When you feel you have reached a place of connection let the breath return to its normal rhythm, softly in and out.  From this place of deep alignment let us repeat silently, I am the Soul.  I am the light divine.  I am love.  I am will.  I am fixed design.

Stand in Your Sacredness

And now, standing firmly in your own sacredness, your own sovereignty standing grounded in Love, ask that the unique light that is within you radiate outward and surround you in a circle of your own divine light. Take a few moments to visualize this and allow your body to take in the felt sense of standing within a circle of your own divinity.

Now, from this place of strength and sacredness we invoke the Angel of America. Ask for her to be present with you and express your gratitude for her presence. She will be your ally in this work. She is Being that is attuned to the land, the people, the spirit and the destiny of this country. How you visualize her is up to you.  She can look like whatever you wish but what you feel from her is that she holds within her all that is good and powerful about America.  She holds the blueprint for our destiny, the highest manifestation of this country’s Soul.

You come together in a spirit of cooperation, co creativity, collaboration, in mutual support for the work you are about to do.

Visualize her surrounded by her own sacred light, the light of the Soul of America radiating from her, encircling her in a sphere of light.

Charge the Environment

Angel of AmericaNow standing in your own sacredness and seeing her embodying the Soul of America, recognize that you are allies and imagine you and this ally coming together to form a sphere that surrounds and embraces you both. Feel this joining, this blending of your energies.  Next, imagine a hemisphere arising up behind each of you, embodying the highest that is within you both and see this hemisphere unite, encompassing you both. This hemisphere will hold the intention for our work so let us

Imbue this sphere with that intention. May this sphere of energy, intent, and light protect the United States, its people, its Constitution and its collaborative partnerships with the world from any intentional or unintentional damage or obstruction.  May it enhance the power of the United States to secure life, liberty and happiness for all beings.  May it help foster those ideas and actions that serve the destiny of this nation as held within its Soul and may it help nourish the creativity and well-being of its people.  May it be a source of support, energy, blessing, and inspiration for all beings working for the highest good of the United States of America. See if you can feel the power and the high calling that this sphere holds within its intention.

Active Meditation

Now we move to the active phase of the meditation.  In your mind’s eye, please visualize Donald Trump standing in the center of the Oval Office.  Imagine his family surrounding him there, these are the people he trusts the most.  Next imagine his closest advisors encircling him and his family.  Then surrounding them all imagine his cabinet.  Seeing this as clearly in your imagination as you can, now invoke the spirit of the Oval Office and ask for her to be present with you as you do this work. Give thanks for her presence.  Next let us invoke the Angel of the Presidency. Ask her also to assist you and send her your gratitude. Now visualize the sphere of light that you have created with the Angel of America.  See this sphere encircle, enfold and encompass the entire Oval Office.  Ask that the energies in this place, in this group of people be aligned with the energies of your sphere. Stay with this image as long as you can, getting a felt sense of the work that is being done.

When you feel complete release your connection to the spirit of the oval office and the angel of the presidency with deep gratitude for their assistance. Now turn your attention to the Supreme Court.  Imagine the room in which the judges meet to decide important legislation.  Imagine the judges sitting there in that room.  Call in the angel of the supreme court and ask her assistance in doing this work.  Call in also the Spirit of this room. Give thanks for their presence.

When you have a felt sense of their presence and their willingness to work with you, imagine the sphere of your alliance with the Angel of America encircle, enfold, and encompass this building, the land upon which it stands, and the people who work there.  Ask that the energies of this place be aligned with the energies and the light of your sphere.  Imagine this happening. Stay with this process as long as you can.  When you feel complete, release the angel of the supreme court and the Spirit of this room with deep gratitude for their participation.  Let us travel next to the Congress.

The Spirit of the People