Virgo Full Moon 2019

Full Moon in the Sign of Virgo

Sept 13, 2019 at 9:34 PDT

This month the full moon in Virgo involves the Virgo/Pisces axis. The perfectionistic Virgo meets the mystical hippy, Pisces. A gross generalization to be sure, however, there is much truth in that description.

Combining these Energies

Immerse yourself in the energies of pragmatism and mysticism. Virgo, an earth sign, is very pragmatic and wants to pay attention to details. Everything needs to be in order, to be perfect and in good form. Pisces lives in the emotional realm of water and says, “embrace the mystery, live in the unknown, be fluid, reach up to the realms of unity and oneness”.  The full moon in Virgo brings these two energies together inviting us to become the practical mystic, joining heaven and earth.

Healing through purification vs. dissolving all obstacles to oneness

Virgo is the symbol of the Mother, of the earth, of matter. She gives birth to the Christ, the consciousness of unconditional love. To have a healthy container in which to gestate this new life she must purify her body, the substance of her physical being. So, she pays very close attention to her physical health and eliminates any substance that might prove toxic to her system. Pisces heals through letting the cleansing streams of water dissolve and wash away any hindrances. She heals the wounds of separation so that she may better embody her connectedness to all that is.

Reason vs. faith

Virgo thinks logically. She wants A + B to equal C. She wants her lists, her organizer, her day planned out in detail. She believes in what she can see and touch. Pisces says, “Have a little faith.  Let things unfold, put your trust in the unseen worlds.”

“Virgo works. Harder than it should. It is driven to perfect the skills it acquires so that it may be of service to the whole. Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo, is the whole.” (Chani Nicholas)

Here are two of the transits that occur this month around the full moon in Virgo. Pisces and Virgo are in direct opposition to the planets Neptune and Mars. This combination can make us move impulsively without giving the consequences much consideration. Actions taken in haste may lack sufficient follow-through. Neptune brings in the energy of confusion and foggy thinking so there may be confusion and forgetfulness. The thoughts that come may not manifest into definitive action. With Neptunian energy we may have access to our intuition however we might begin to question the accuracy of our feelings since the nudges from Neptune may be subtle. Sometimes it’s hard to trust our inner knowing when it doesn’t appear to be based on rational thought. Tuning more deeply into the wisdom of the body may help us develop a deeper level of trust in our intuitive knowing.

Jupiter and Sagittarius also play a role in this month’s astrology. They form a T-square which indicates a struggle between truth and faith. This configuration demonstrates the need to bring down our highest intuitive knowing into physical reality. We need to do more than reflect. We now must take solid, concrete action.

Questions for contemplation:

How can I bring the vision that Pisces creates into manifestation in the physical world?

How can I blend my head (logic, rational) with my heart (faith, surrender)?

Am I willing to surrender to the will of my Soul and trust it will lead me to where I need to be?

The Meditation

Prepare for Meditation – Full Moon in Virgo

Please begin by finding a comfortable place to sit, sitting with your spine, relatively erect, but with no strain or tension.  Find a gentle rhythm to your breathing, slow and steady. Allow the breath to relax the body, quiet the mind, settle the emotional body until it becomes still and quiescent. Then in your mind’s eye imagine the light of the Soul streaming forth from the area right above your head. See it pour downward, down the very center of your body, touching each chakra and settling into the center of the earth. Feel the alignment of heaven and earth in your body. Sense a feeling of wholeness, aliveness, and peace as this light irradiates your bodies.

Now in your minds’ eye, visualize the color royal blue. This is the color of Virgo energy. Imagine yourself bathed in that color. See the mist of blue descend into your room and penetrating your body. Breath it in and permit it to flow comfortably through your entire being. State, inwardly your intention to be open and receptive to the energies of Virgo. Holding yourself in that place of openness, imagine now that you can see the astrological alignment that is taking place in the sky at this time of the full moon. The sun, moon, earth and the constellation of Virgo are all in perfect alignment creating a portal that allows the divine energies of Virgo to flow through to you and from you out into the world. Open yourself to receive these powerful energies. Imagine the purifying energies of Virgo filling your being, cleansing all obstacles and hindrances. We seek to become pure vehicles for the Christ consciousness. We are pregnant this month and within our womb is the seed of the Soul.

From this place of purity let us imagine the world we wish to manifest. See in your mind’s eye a world free of struggle, free of war and poverty. See humanity acknowledging the Divinity within each other. See right human relationships played out all over our globe. See the distribution of resources spread to every corner of the world. See a world of beauty, harmony, and peace. Hold that vision vividly in your imagination, now imbue that vision with the love and compassion that a world like that would demonstrate.

Now let us use our creative imaginations again to visualize all of us. all of the lightworkers in the world joining hands to encircle our planet. Imagine that we link, Soul to soul, with each person in the circle until we see a radiant, powerful circle of light surrounding the earth. Imagine that light irradiating the entire planet, lighting up the earth.  See the earth as a beacon of light in the cosmos, manifesting its spiritual destiny. Let us hold this vision in our awareness for the next few minutes, imbuing it with all of our focus and attention.

Now bring yourself back to your room and take a few deep breaths. Wiggle your hands and feet and imagine that roots are growing out of the bottom of your feet into the center of the earth, bringing you fully back into your body.  Let us give thanks for the opportunity to assist in the healing of our earth. Blessed be.

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