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Mindful Heart Astrology ~ Element Water

Water element signs can be described as compassionate, nurturing and protective. There is an inherent need for them to feel safe and secure, so they tend to have a private side allowing them to protect their sense of vulnerability. The nature of Water enables them to feel the nuances and undercurrents of situations and their immediate environment, reflecting intuitive qualities. The Water signs are characterized by a flow of energy concerned with emotion, feeling and sensitivity.

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Mindful Heart Astrology ~ The Element of Earth

Earth element signs are imbued with energy directed towards manifestation, stability and concretization. They have the potential to give form to ideas, organize, create structure, and make things happen. Earth signs are practical in nature and considered reliable and stable, with grounding characteristics. Earthy people tend to have their feet planted firmly on the ground, they are hard-working, and tend to be governed by a certain amount of sensibility.

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