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1408, 2019

Leo Full Moon 2019

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The journey through Leo requires the courage and devotion of the Lion, one of the symbols of Leo. We are asked to embody nothing less than the spark of divinity that we are. Once that recognition takes place and we feel our sacredness, we feel the connection to our heart, we become aware of the gifts we have to share with the world.

2907, 2019

New Moon in Leo 2019

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Leo New Moon ~ Leo is the sign of the lion: proud dramatic, and playful. It is ruled by the Sun, and so signifies the radiant energy of life that shines its warmth down on the Earth. The Sun is our will and our fire: it is what we came here to do.  Using the energy of this New Moon, we can set intentions to direct our efforts into areas that empower and revitalize rather than drain our energy. If there are activities that create a spirit of enthusiasm within you, the Leo New Moon invites you to participate. 

1407, 2019

Full Moon in Cancer and Lunar Eclipse 2019

By |July 14th, 2019|Categories: Full Moon, Moon Cycles|2 Comments

The Sun entered the sign of Cancer on June 21, the day of the summer solstice. At the time of the full moon on July 16, we also have a partial lunar eclipse at 11:55 am (PDT). The exact moment of the full moon occurs a few hours later at 2:38 pm. Any time we refer to “lunar” we are talking about the emotional body. It’s the moon, the past, the Mother principle. The moon stimulates our sensitivities and as it controls the tides in the oceans it also impacts our mood swings, our feeling nature. We are called then to be mindful