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Scorpio New Moon – The Warrior, Expansion, Death and Rebirth

This is the path of the evolved Warrior. The mantram for Scorpio is, “Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.” We are asked to do battle with our lower selves, our ego, the unredeemed parts of ourselves that usually hang out in the underworld. Once these unfinished parts of ourselves are recognized, accepted and held in the cauldron of a loving heart, transformation occurs. And this is the Scorpio journey. We are tested, we have trials, but we emerge triumphant.

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Wednesday’s Poem ~ This Magnificent Body

This Magnificent Body The Awesome Vehicle of Our Being Deserves Listening To This Magnificent Body Commentary [...]

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Walking in the Wild

Find Your Wild I love backpacking. There is something immensely satisfying in traveling with all your belongings carried turtle-like on your back. Each footfall takes me further from civilization and deeper into the wild.

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Mindfulness Monday ~ Patience

Practicing patience in mindfulness practice calls for us to slow down. It requires that we watch, wait, and we observe the circumstances that are unfolding. The conditions of the unfolding then help to determine the right time to take action. This slowing down and practice of patience can be challenge, especially in fast-moving demands of everyday life.

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Wednesday’s Poem ~ A Revolutionary In Disguise

A Revolutionary in Disguise Comment The Poem Commentary If you love [...]

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Pluto & Mars – Scorpionic Power and Transition

As planetary co-rulers of the sign, the mere mention of these two forces suggest Scorpio’s potential as a powerhouse of energy. This team may seem to have an overabundance of forceful dynamism, however they each represent a different dimension of drive and power that comes together in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign and from this one can assume that matters involving its ruling planets, Pluto and Mars, draw in a type of feeling or emotional energy, including sensitivity to nuances and undercurrents of issues that may not be obvious to everyone.

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