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Soul Bridging ~ Today I Rise

Today I Rise Where are you? Little girl with broken wings but full of hope Where are you? Wise woman covered in wounds Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Today is the day I will not sit still and give in anymore Today, I rise I am bruised, but I will get up and walk again Today, I rise

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Bridging a Feeling Mind with a Thinking Heart

Mind combines the abilities of concrete and abstract thinking that are a powerful, busy, and dominating force. The mind focuses on the physical world so that we get our needs met, complete tasks, and manage our lives.

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Seeing Light through the Cracks

We are all a part of a glorious whole that has lost its sense of interconnectedness. Beyond the political rhetoric lies a loving place of heart and compassion, one of unity. It is only from that place that we can begin to bridge the divide and find a way to the bright future that awaits us. The underlying cause of our deep divide is the foundational truth that we are all afraid. We must remember that the frightened right is not our enemy and they are as afraid as we are. We are all struggling to find steady footing in a dramatically changing social, economic, and environmental landscape as we emerge into a new consciousness. When we recognize that fear (the opposite of love) is the true energy of the divide, we can begin to bridge our differences with energy of loving connection (opposite of fear).

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Humanity’s Shadow Transformation

There is only one clear path to peace and harmony. That path is paved in common-sense and balance found through right human relations. The truth is that no-one can find true peace, sharing, compassion, and love until we all find it. No-one can be left behind. In this we find our glorious future.

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Right Human Relationship

It is unsettling to be continuously confronted with the hostility, divisiveness, and chaos that has become so much a part of recent public discourse. When we are able to enlarge our perspective and look beyond [...]

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What are the Seven Rays

The science of Rayology can help us understand ourselves in a practical way.  We are each distinct, unique, and individual. We are understood and identified by particular qualities, inherent traits and tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. [...]

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