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Build Your Soul Vocabulary

We are able to live more soul-fully when we have language that supports communication with the soul. Soul Speak provides fundamental concepts to develop your soul-vocabulary. Explore our dictionary and nurture your fluency.

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Soul Speak ~ Rebirth

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The soul is perfect in its fixed design however it must work through an imperfect personality instrument. Through the process of reincarnation, the personality and the soul learn to dance as one synchronized and harmonious entity. Through their perfected partnership the purity and magic of the soul is manifested. William Meader explains the process of integrating the soul and personality through the process of reincarnation.

Soul Speak ~ Chain of Life

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The principle that underlies the phrase ‘All is One’ has a deep and profound meaning that is rarely fully grasped. Understood as the Chain of Life, this powerful principle highlights that all life originates from the same source – whether you call that source God, the One Life, Brahma, or Allah. The chain of life helps us to see the absolute connectedness of everything as divinity expresses through the many. Through this principle we begin to understand that we are indeed, all one.