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Exploring the Spiritual Path through Pilgrimage

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We can understand the spiritual path as a journey to our deepest self. Many of us experience a deep longing to live a meaningful life, a life connected to something bigger than ourselves. We learn early that this is a life-long journey striving to emerge out of the dark illusion of our separateness and into the light of the soul and its truth of unity and oneness.

We are seeking to arrive at the sacred place of our true identity –that divine essence within that is our source of love and connection with everything. But, how do we get there? We get there by looking for the soul and its lessons in the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of our lives. We get there by committing to the soul’s journey and stepping on the path. Just like pilgrims throughout history who set off to journey to a sacred site, what you discover has to do with what you are seeking. What are you seeking on your life’s journey?


The Invitation: In this regular feature we explore the joys, fears, discoveries, and challenges of walking the path in everyday life. We also explore the ways in which the outer journey of preparing for and walking the 500 mile Camino pilgrimage in Spain, reflects the inner journey of awakening to and walking towards the soul within us. We hope these experiences will resonate with you as you consciously embark on your own walk towards soul awareness. Please join us! We’d love to talk with you as we walk this path together.

2612, 2017

“I Don’t Want to Feel That” – Transforming Discomfort Into Ease

December 26th, 2017|Tags: , , , , |3 Comments

We hear all the time that aging comes with increasing discomfort. But is it possible that it could be just the opposite? What if, as we age, we get increasingly skilled at transforming discomfort into ease? What if each year brings more ease and contentment?

1312, 2017

Finding Freedom in Letting Go – Part One: “Stuff”

December 13th, 2017|Tags: , , |1 Comment

There’s a deep wisdom to purging ourselves of 'stuff'. It is creating space for something new and vibrant to be birthed in the new year. I'm inspired to gaze deeply into the small and large things that I surround and fill myself with. What are the things that are taking up physical space in my life? What are the emotions and thoughts that fill my heart and mind?  After all, if something is holding a space, there’s no room for anything else there.

2811, 2017

Love, Loss, and a Bigger Stronger Love

November 28th, 2017|Tags: , , , |4 Comments

What was grief doing here on the morning of a day like this? It had no business at a wedding. But here it was. Mindful of Rumi’s poem, 'The Guest House,' I knew grief, if present, must have an important message and/or role to play. I knew it wasn’t to be ignored or pushed away. What did it mean and where did it come from?

2810, 2017

Resisting Resistance – Embracing Change

October 28th, 2017|Tags: , , , , |1 Comment

I’ve got to be honest. I resist autumn. I just never want summer to end. You’d think I’d realize that resistance does no good. Summer ends, every year, no matter what. So this year, when I started to feel that resistance bubble up – I thought – time to try a new approach. Let go. Release the tension. Relax into the present moment. Open my heart to exactly what’s happening right now.

1010, 2017

Living on Purpose – The Reality

October 10th, 2017|0 Comments

Living your purpose isn't always smooth sailing, despite what so many blog posts and videos out there seem to promise. Living your purpose isn't as flowing, light, and fun as everyone says - at least not all the time.  No, fun aside, living your purpose can be bloody hard at times. Sticky, roller coastery, exhausting. Why? Because it still means you'll need to live life, manage your thoughts, patterns, triggers, belief systems, the way you set up and run your business and relationships - just the same as when you're not living it.