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Exploring the Spiritual Path through Pilgrimage

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We can understand the spiritual path as a journey to our deepest self. Many of us experience a deep longing to live a meaningful life, a life connected to something bigger than ourselves. We learn early that this is a life-long journey striving to emerge out of the dark illusion of our separateness and into the light of the soul and its truth of unity and oneness.

We are seeking to arrive at the sacred place of our true identity –that divine essence within that is our source of love and connection with everything. But, how do we get there? We get there by looking for the soul and its lessons in the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of our lives. We get there by committing to the soul’s journey and stepping on the path. Just like pilgrims throughout history who set off to journey to a sacred site, what you discover has to do with what you are seeking. What are you seeking on your life’s journey?


The Invitation: In this regular feature we explore the joys, fears, discoveries, and challenges of walking the path in everyday life. We also explore the ways in which the outer journey of preparing for and walking the 500 mile Camino pilgrimage in Spain, reflects the inner journey of awakening to and walking towards the soul within us. We hope these experiences will resonate with you as you consciously embark on your own walk towards soul awareness. Please join us! We’d love to talk with you as we walk this path together.

1810, 2018

Relationships as a Path of Awakening

October 18th, 2018|Tags: , |0 Comments

Relationships as a Path of Awakening

By Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Eason

Relationships are a central part of being human. They are the thread that connects us to each other. We can think of them as mundane, just a part of life, but they are actually a pivotal part of living a truly awakened life.

If not tended to well, relationships can be a source of great suffering, and can even become a place to numb yourself and “go back to sleep”. If tended to well, though, relationships can be an incredible source of personal growth and illumination. Not to mention, become a precious gift in your life of harmonious connection and shared love.

4 Keys to Making your Relationship a Part of Your […]

2609, 2018

Inspiration ~ The Heat of Transformation

September 26th, 2018|Tags: , |0 Comments

Chickpea to Cook

One of my favorites of Rumi’s stories, Chickpea and Cook tells us about the fire of transformation. Through heat we are challenged, re-worked, and ultimately transformed. The process of boiling makes us spicy, rich, and nourishing for others. We need to be willing to be boiled, to handle the heat, and to be conscious of the need for our own transformation. It is a moment of magic when we realize that the boiling is for our benefit.

A chickpea leaps almost over the rim of the pot
where it’s being boiled.

‘Why are you doing this to me?’

The cook knocks him down with the ladle.

‘Don’t you try to jump out.
You think I’m torturing […]

1109, 2018

Soul Story: It Takes Only One

September 11th, 2018|0 Comments

It Takes Only One

By Guest Blogger: MJ Harden

I’ve known I can write since I was eight years old when I was a “reporter” for our community newsletter. Since then, I’ve written articles, books, brochures, websites, ads, travel guides . . . you get the idea. It’s easy for me to write. But I never wondered what I was supposed to write. If you have a talent, perhaps you should ask why.

Completing the World As Only You Can

This light-bulb moment did not occur to me until I was 40 years old. I grew tired of the mundane scribbling I was doing and I finally asked out loud:

“Tell me what […]