We live more deeply and with intention when we understand the overall purpose and focus and of our lives. We can learn a lot about what this is by looking at the pattern of planet placements in our natal chart.  Many planets (and especially the sun) placed in a particular quadrant provides important clues as to what you are doing in this lifetime!

These patterns help to reinforce our understanding of how our life circumstances are being processed and translated in our spiritual path.

Your answers to the quiz indicated that you resonate with one of the four patterns described here. These are based on the four quadrants of Spiritual Astrology and reference the four major life types. Here is a description of each of the four quadrants.

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Self Understanding

First Quadrant

Self Understanding

Knowing our self is an essential task on the path of awakening, and this is the path of consciousness. When we know who we are and what our purpose is, we know what we need to do to fulfill our mission in the world. To do this, though, we need to learn who we are, what we value, and how to communicate in the world most effectively.

In this group, we seek to know who we are, why we are here, and how we experience our self in the everyday world. We are learning about our drives and impulses and how to express them adequately. This activity requires a lot of time in touch with our interior. As a result, we may need more alone time than those in other groups. Inner reflection provides us with time to connect to our inner being and process our experiences. Seeking solitude might be especially emphasized in times of stress and change. As a general rule, we benefit by taking the time to check-in with ourselves.

The energy of this quadrant also involves forming ideas around your values and personal wealth. Values include those objects that you collect and gather around yourself, but also the character values that you value.  Questions around what you value, how to use your resources (these might be psychic, financial, or energy resources), and how are you going to use them in the world are the substance of what matter here.

It is essential for these individuals to be grounded and hold their sense of self when they operate in the world. Holding our center may be more challenging when confronted by ideas or values that are not in alignment with ours.

Important Life Questions Might Be:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I value?
  • How do I learn from and communicate in the world around me?

Self Expression

Second Quadrant

Self Expression

Individuals focused on self-expression are expressing their creativity in the world around them. Their life energy is directed at working to relate with others through their own integrated identity.

If you are in this quadrant, you tend to have a clear sense of who you are and you bring you into all you do. Immediate relationships such as those with family, close friends, and co-workers are an essential part of your learning as these relationships help to develop a foundation for expressing your integrated self in the world. It is necessary for us to apply the lessons and skills learned about who we are and what we value (from the first quadrant) in previous incarnations.

For those of us with a focus on self-expression, this is a lifetime to have fun, create, be joyful and experience pleasure. Expressing your self through our experiences will energize and uplift those around us. It matters that we pay attention to the work we do in the world (not necessarily our career). Express your life energy in a way that aligns with your creativity and values. When done well, we attain and maintain a whole and healthy body.

Important Life Questions Might Be:

  • How do I express my values through what I create in the world?
  • What lessons that I learn through my family and work associates?
  • How does what I experience in my everyday routines help me to grow?

Social Identity

Third Quadrant

Social Identity

Individuals in the Social Identity group focus our life energy toward becoming aware of others and their identity. Our energy here is directed at what is “not self.” Our experience in previous quadrants has taught us who we are and how we express ourselves effectively lin the world.

Now, in this quadrant, we explore others’ opinions and goals. We expand our integrated self (first quadrant) to include that of others. Our partnerships are core here, and through these relationships, we learn about other. We explore and integrate others and what motivates and satisfies them. Through our experience with others, we expand our horizons and grow.

We want to be a part of something more than just me and mine. So, boundaries are an important area of exploration for us. We strive to merge with others, yet we must also hold our sense of self.

There is an energy that supports exploring the larger world through long-distance travel or higher study. We form a more expansive view of the world as we expand our understanding of different cultures, traditions, and philosophies.

Important Life Questions Might Be:

  • How do I handle interpersonal differences, embrace feedback, and integrate new ideas into my world view?
  • Am I using my resources in a way that express my higher values?
  • What do I learn about myself by honoring the differences of others and their values

Social Expression

Fourth Quadrant

Social Expression

The Sun or many planets in this quadrant indicate the focus in this lifetime is on how to fully integrate our gifts and talents into society, for the benefit of all.

Relationships with others are important but from a broader worldview. We want to find and connect to other individuals and groups that share our values and interests. Humanitarian endeavors call to us, and we answer them on behalf of an ideal and personal conviction of what is right.

There may be a desire to make a mark on the world. We want to establish goals and work to implement them in an organized way. Our public image, career, and reputation can hold significant concern to those of us in this quadrant.

Supporting causes and having an impact on the planet matters to us. Motivation comes from doing good rather than on acquiring wealth. We have a strong sense and knowing that we are all interconnected and interdependent. We seek ways to express and live that truth.

Important Life Questions Might Be:

  • How does my career support my vision of a better world?
  • Who are the individuals and group that support my sense of community, purpose, and meaning?
  • How can I use my vision and intuition to make the world a better place for everyone?

To explore your Life Type on a more personal level, look at your natal chart. Does the sun, or a large number of planets fall in the corresponding quadrant for the life-type that your answers placed you in? Are you living that life type? Does it feel right? If not, explore the quadrant that indicates your life-type. How would life change if you shifted your energy focus there?

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