Horse as Healer

My life with horses began as a deep friendship and a whole lot of fun. After 35 years, my relationship with them is all that and so much more.

My best friend of 27 years was my horse friend Admiral. We journeyed through life together, beginning in my early teens through marriage and motherhood. It wasn’t until the time arrived for me to assist in his death that the profound awakening of our relationship opened to me. I’ll talk more about that at another time.

After Admiral’s passing, my life with the horse changed. To honor our incredible friendship, I began to see myself as a guardian and student of the horse. I currently have horses in my life. I ride them, and we provide love and land for them to live out their lives. Our horses live as naturally as possible. They have 60 acres to live and call home. We provide shelter from the elements and love and reverence for their heart and soul. The land provides their food.

Horses are vibrational beings. They are like a barometer informing us of what is happening in our external environment (for instance, a storm is coming in).

As well as our internal environment. Their ability to deeply sense what is going on inside of us is astonishingly accurate. This is where the title, “Horse as Healer” comes in. We live in a culture that values the intellect, which finds us living from our heads.

The spiritual journey is all about embodiment, infusion in the form of our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual selves. There’s no better a guide to bring us there than the horse (but I may be a bit biased). However, I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t been stirred by the horse; whether negative or positive, horses have the ability to stir us deeply. I hope the stories that I share find your heart and soul being stirred.

Horse as Healer


The horse asks that we come home to our body when we are with them. Depending on the horse (or donkey) how they ask shows up in different ways. For some, they may have no interest in you and choose not to share space, and for others, they may push on you inviting you to come home (to your body).

For some of us coming home to our bodies isn’t the most comfortable and welcomed place. We have many stories, and good reasons why being fully present in our bodies is not a good idea.

Like the picture of above of the light horse (Buddy) and the dark horse (Desperado) the journey of coming home has both paths to explore light times and dark places to face. It takes courage and commitment. It isn’t a journey for the faint of heart. They say it can be messy and dark and downright terrifying at times…yet it is so worth answering yes too.

We have a vision here at Soul Bridging that is to build a community of resources. These take the form of stories, tools, and courses that will inspire you to create a bridge to your inner life, so your outer life of expression can be extraordinary.

May you enjoy the stories.