Our Special Relationship with the Horse2017-11-27T01:40:44+00:00

When we approach relationship with the horse as stewards, rather than owners, we learn a softer, a better way of relationship. We learn to really listen, with a fullness of hearing beyond just the ears. What we hear can be translated through every aspect of our lives.

Horses have a voice and their voice counts. As we move into partnership with them, as their guardians, rather than owners or masters, we step onto a journey of relationship that teaches us who we really are.

It may seem odd to some to have a 4-legged being as your best friend, but my horse, Admiral, was my best friend. I cherished him deeply during his life and now, although he’s been gone from form for 8 years, I am still discovering gifts that he brought to my life.

Admiral provided a safe place, and a fun place to grow. He  moved with me  through so many stages of life’s transitions. I knew I loved him and I knew how deep our friendship was, but it wasn’t until the journey of assisting in his transition that I fully realized how deep this love was.

The emotional gifts and support that have I received through my relationship with Admiral has had long-lasting effects for me. He has inspired me to act on behalf of the horse. Each day, as I am with my herd, I take one more step towards embodying an indescribable love that I inspire to return.

The way that we are with the horse is the way that we are in life.  At Eagle Feather Riding, lyuptala (oneness) is taught through the careful work of relationship with the horse. Through this heart and soul come together for transformation.