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RayologyWelcome to Rayology: Living Your Light through the Seven Sacred Rays.

Our greatest joy and our greatest spiritual responsibility is to become who we really are, which means, to fully express our spiritual archetype – our spiritual pattern, our identity…When we become conscious of our unique pattern of energies, and live true to that pattern, we become in actuality who and what we already are in essence.

There are seven different types of souls and your soul is found on one of these seven streams of consciousness. It is possible to identify your soul ray, as well as the rays that influence your mind, emotions, physical body, and personality. Through identifying your rays, you can begin to understand who, and why you are. Clues to your soul’s purpose, what brings you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose are revealed once you begin to explore and understand your ray structure.

The seven rays and their names are:

1st Ray: Will and Power

2nd Ray: Love and Wisdom

3rd Ray: Active Intelligence and Adaptability

4th Ray: Harmony through Conflict

5th Ray: Concrete Knowledge and Science

6th Ray: Devotion and Idealism

7th Ray: Order and Ceremonial Magic

Spend a few minutes really reading their names. They provide important clues to their energy.

The Soul Bridging team would like to thank Michael Robbins for the generous use of concepts and content from his in-depth work on the expression of the Seven Rays. His two volume text, Tapestry of the Gods, provided cornerstone content for this course.

We would also like to thank and recognize the expertise and contribution of Eva Smith. Her videos provided an important introduction to Rayology as well as a perfect summary for each ray.

 – Michael Robbins


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