The Journey Inward: Emotional Healing

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Our emotional body is a powerful tool. A clear, healthy, emotional body enables us to use our emotions to make our thoughts appealing and attractive. When used correctly, our emotions charge our communications and draw those we interact with into a lively and vital reality with us.

Henri McKinnon

Henri McKinnon

While a healthy emotional body supports living a more whole and authentic spiritual life, unresolved emotional wounds, impede full access to our emotions. This prevents effective use of our emotions when we are communicating on behalf of spirit.

Healing the emotional body is an essential step on the path of spiritual awakening.  As we face and heal our emotional wounds our emotional body becomes an effective tool for use on behalf of our higher (soul) self.

Join Henri McKinnon as he explains the importance of emotional healing in living fully.

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The Emotional Body in Spiritual Transformation

When we are willing to turn inward and face and understand our emotions and wounds, we unlock a tremendous potential for transformation. Through this process, we can begin to understand our emotions so that they can become a profound place of transition.


Self Discovery

Major life events often bring us to a deep place of uncertainty and challenge. Being willing to explore the emotions and questioning that these events often trigger can serve as a way for us to live beyond our roles and experience life more fully.

Self discovery

The Emotional Work for Awakening

Journeys into the unknown and rites of passage have been a part of most cultures. These are no longer an integral aspect of our modern lifestyle. We are more likely to dis-associate from our emotions and rites and initiations. As a result, we lose connection with the emotional aspect of our lives. This numbing or deadening is remedied when emotional eruption occurs and we give our attention to that something is not in balance.


The Conscious and Subconscious Minds

We can get lost in and settle for roles in life that just work for us. However, this is most often unfulfilling. When we re-inhabit our emotional body, and awaken our unconscious minds we awaken to a richer and more fulfilling life.


Deeper Unconscious Work

Being afraid and confused will always be a way for us to find meaning in the world. But, we must be willing to deal with the deeper thoughts and feelings, and the pain that they carry, to realize a creative and fulfilling life. When you face it now, it changes your life now. 


How Do We Understand Our Shadow

The shadow holds the deep, unexplored and powerful energies of creation, destruction, and passion. Civil society doesn’t encourage, or in many situations, permit, expression of these deeper energies. However, when we develop intimacy with these aspects of our deeper self, we gain access to tremendous creativity.


Finding Your True Being

Our greatest reward comes when we are willing to face our fears and darkness head-on. When we are willing to go into the deepest part of the unconscious, called a transition zone, we can experience this as emptiness or a void. Following this path will bring you into contact with your real being.

True Being

Finding Your Path

There is a greater life that is guiding you. The spiritual being that you are, is, in truth, connected to all that is. As you begin to experience your true being, or divine nature, you will find a connection to everything else that is. But, each of us must find our own path.


Awakening and Initiation

While the shadow is not who we really are, neither are many of the other things we think define us. What we lose on the journey is the identification with thoughts of who we are. In this way, we awaken to the divinity that connects us with all beings.


Answering the Call

The path of awakening often begins with the path of healing. Through our healing, we access a profound experience of opening and at one-ment. What is calling you to a deeper quality of life?

Awakening and Initiation

The Divine Feminine

A healthy emotional body requires a balanced relationship with masculine and feminine energy. Explore what archetypal feminine energy is.


The Divine Masculine

A healthy emotional body requires a balanced relationship with masculine and feminine energy. Explore what archetypal masculine energy is.