What is Rayology?

Rayology is the study of the Seven Rays. When explored from the spiritual perspective, Rayology gives us a better understanding of ourselves and how we can manifest our purpose in the world.

This deeper understanding extends beyond ourselves; helping us observe the world as an expression of the Seven Rays. Through this lens we see and value the differences that others bring into the world a s they express their ray energies.

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The Seven Rays

(also known as the Seven Soul Types)

Religious traditions all over the world and throughout human evolution have described the energy behind creation by many different names. While some traditions refer to the force of creation as God, others refer to it as Allah, Brahman, Krishna, YHWH, or simply, the One Life. There are many other names as well, but whatever name we use for this divine creative expression into form, its ultimate source is the same.

Creation is the One Life seeking to express itself through form through the interaction of seven great streams of energy.

These seven energy streams, or rays, are the most fundamental qualities within all of cosmos. The energies of these rays also result in the manifestation of seven distinct soul types.

As part of the spiritual journey, we each begin to seek and awaken consciously. We experience our connection to the energy of the divine within us, and through that, we connect to our higher spiritual identity.

It is our most profound purpose as human beings to manifest our spiritual blueprint or archetype. We become conscious of our unique pattern of energies and strive to live true to that pattern. As a result, we grow into who and what we already are in essence.

Our greatest joy and our most significant spiritual responsibility are to become who we are, to fully express our spiritual pattern and identity. The science of Rayology is a tool to help us realize this.

Will and Power

Ray One

Ray One

Will and Purpose

The Warrior, Governor, or  CEO

Purpose, positivity, and leadership are the outstanding qualities of this ray. It carries great strength and driving force, in fact, it is sometimes called the Destroyer. It is the ray of the ruler and is particularly related to the field of government. Those who initiate undertakings and are found in positions of power are especially aligned with this type of energy.

Known for persistence, these individuals make natural leaders. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., you become a source of strength and dependability to others as you are trustworthy. Although Warriors can be cold and ruthless, they have a softer side too. Courageous ambition like yours is strong enough to break through bonds of conformity. Although, the Warrior Soul type is more constructive than destructive. This Soul type is all about the free expression of life force.

Love Wisdom

Second Ray

Ray Two

Love Wisdom

The Nurturer, Teacher, or Healer

Love and wisdom are the essential qualities of the second ray and are inextricably linked. Wisdom is developed on the foundation of love. As we progress along a path of spiritual awakening, the intimacy and compassion of love develops into a deep and heartfelt knowing. Wisdom becomes how we approach all we contact – with love. Those who undertake work in the world that centers on healing and teaching are often governed by the Second Ray.

Nurturers are warm, wise and magnetic. Your considerate nature helps you identify with others and gives you a strong sense of empathy. This Soul type is particularly suited for healing and teaching like Gandhi, Mr. Rogers, or Florence Nightengale. You have the ability to find understanding through the power of pure, heartfelt love. This soul-type is also wise in the ways of acquiring material wealth. Let go of neediness and sensitivity so you may step into your generous and caring nature.

Active Intelligence

Ray Three

Ray Three

Active Intelligence

The Philosopher, Strategist, Financier

The third ray conditions the environment so that the intention expressed by the first ray can manifest. It’s qualities, active and intelligent, provide important clues to its energy. It is a ray of intelligence, where the attributes of the creation are identified, assembled, and organized to create. It is the ray of manipulation (in its highest form). The Third Ray is the intelligence that exists in the entirety of creation. In addition to the thinking human mind, it includes the intelligence of nature, water, plants and anything that manifests in form.

The strategist is both creative and intelligent when it comes to maintaining peace and achieving ambitions. Strategists are inclined to planning, but change when change is needed. Actively applying intelligence, your resourcefulness is valued in group settings. Helping to plan large events and organize activities is a task at which you excel. You have a sincere nature and find that which is theoretical in nature interesting. This Soul type is also discriminating and enterprising.

Harmony through Conflict

Harmony through Conflict

Ray Four

Harmony Through Conflict

The Mediator, Designer, or Artist

The first of the Rays of Attribute, The Fourth Ray strives to find a balance between conflicting ideas. Masters of peace-making, they have an innate ability to see both sides of an issue, and they seek to find resolution and common ground. The Fourth Ray links or bridges so that unity can be achieved.

Individuals with strong fourth ray influence fight fiercely when they perceive injustice. Ultimately these individuals seek peace, balance, and equilibrium.

The Fourth Ray shares qualities with the First Ray in that it breathes life in its fullness and potential, but also it has the sensitivity, inclusivity, and at-one-ment of the Second Ray. The Fourth Ray has a tremendous range of expression. They are creative, dramatic, entertaining, and colorful.

Mediators are known for the ability to see both sides of an issue. When faced with conflict, you excel at bringing about harmonious interaction. Resolving conflict allows beauty to result. Like an artist creating a work of art, you use creative force for the higher good. Occasionally struck with indecisiveness, Mediators feel confident taking the group’s thoughts into consideration when making a tough decision. Although sensitive, this Soul type also has a good sense of humor.

Science and Concrete Knowledge

Fifth Ray

Ray Five

Concrete Knowledge and Science

The Scientist, Researcher, Electrician or Computer Programer

The fifth ray conditions an individual to seek knowledge through precision. They try to determine what is true through examining the parts and this helps them to understand the whole. The fifth ray is the ray of the scientist. It uncovers the mysteries of life, governs the scientific method, and working with the detail and technical aspects of matter. Scientists, the use of instruments for precision and accuracy, and the specifics are all common in this ray.

The Engineer possesses the power to define and research. This soul type favors the verification of factual knowledge insisting upon truth, accuracy, and documentation. Although, not necessarily active in the sciences, Engineers are often involved in activities requiring technically-applied intelligence. You have a commonsense approach, and value most those facts which are immediately applicable.

Idealism and Devotion

Idealism and Devotion

Ray Six

Idealism and Devotion

The Philanthropist, Devotee, or Coach

The Sixth Ray transmits the ideal for humanity. It is an energy that inspires and uplifts, but is also the energy behind the warrior, or the fighter for the cause. Faith, in all traditions, is expressed through this ray.

Devoted and unquestioning followers of charismatic and powerful leaders often have a strong influence of this ray in their make-up. They are loyal, passionate, patriotic, and exhibit selfless or sacrificial service. A desire for perfection and purification is often a strong trait in those influenced by the sixth ray.

Fiery zeal keeps this Soul type continually striving towards a particular ideal. The goal may be a material benefit, unrestrained freedom, or saving the suffering. Whatever the cause, you’re likely devoted and focused. Beneficial influences flow your way as a result of your loyalty. Often part of a group, you manifest that which is needed. Your emotional nature creates strong bonds and relationships in life.

Ceremonial Order and Magic

Ceremonial Order and Magic

Ray Seven

Ceremonial Order and Magic

The Organizer, Ritualist, or Judge

The seventh ray translates the impulse for creation (the blue print) so the form can be born. There is a striving for perfection, order, and structure. Those who build, construct, organize, and manifest, whatever they form, are expressing the energy of the Seventh Ray. There is a focus on ritual which can express as white magic, when used for spiritual ends, or black magic when used for selfish purposes.

The Humanitarian is a highly organized individual working for the greater good. This Soul type is very conscious of laws and regulations and attempts to perform according to expectations. As a rule follower, it’s no surprise that Humanitarian approach activities ritualistically and ceremonially. However, this Soul type is also deeply involved in the transformational process. A skilled leader like you can creatively implement new principles of organization to maintain the established order. Your organized life allows you to excel at achieving ambitions.