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  • Labors of Hercules

    by Therese Rossignol 3 Lessons in

    The Labors of Hercules provides us with insight into the multi-incarnational journey of the awakened soul through the astrological signs. As we deepen our understanding of the rich and profound symbolism provided in each myth, we better understand how each labor provides us with insight into the task of the astrological sign. Through each labor, we better understand our nature and the movement toward the liberation of the soul.

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  • Astrology for the Soul

    by Therese Rossignol 43 Lessons in $74.00

    Aries Constellation

    Spiritual Astrology, also known as Esoteric Astrology, focuses more specifically on the inner life of unfolding consciousness. It centers on the soul and its effort to work effectively through the personality. Traditional astrology, on the […]

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  • Astrology Basics

    by Jayne Logan 6 Lessons in , $49.00

    Astrology Basics

    Astrology Basics is a 6 session series introduction to the complex world of astrology. It is suitable for beginners, new students, or anyone with a general interest in the topic. The program will take you through the basics while offering an entre into the unique language of this ancient art, in an easy-to-understand and interactive format. A different topic will be presented every week, each one building on the previous workshop. At the end of the series you will have a foundational understanding of the components of a horoscope and some basic tools to synthesize the information. The webinar format will allow for practical application of the concepts presented.