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Shamans have played an important role in evolving consciousness in cultures across the globe for at least 30,000 to 40,000 years, and possibly as long as 100,000 years. Through their abilities to travel into the dark and mysterious spirit realms they bring healing and integration.  In fact, the word “shaman” originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and means “spiritual healer” or “one who sees in the dark.” 40298925_l

The practice of Shamanism is designed to bridge the formed (ordinary) and formless (non-ordinary) realms through the use of tools and ritual. To bridge these worlds, a practitioner learns how to journey into other dimensions by entering a shamanic state of consciousness.  Usually done through the use of sound or movement, referred to as sonic driving, this involves a repetitive rhythm, that is produced by a drum, rattle or stick as well as through chanting or ecstatic dancing. Our Shamanism segment is designed to deepen your understanding of how this ancient practice can facilitate transformation.

Discovering the Magic of Raven

The first time I met Raven, up close and personal, was when I was a young woman working in the Rocky Mountains. I had often seen the birds floating on the wind, high above me or heard their calls, but I had never looked a Raven in the eye. I came upon her as I was walking in a meadow. She was striding through the tall grass, just a few feet from me. I thought she might fly away or be frightened by my appearance, but no, she stood her ground and observed me. She had such strength and presence, in truth, I was the one who felt intimidated! This bird was huge! She came up to my knee and looked at me with such intensity; it was as though she could see right through me. From that day on I felt a special connection with Raven. I read all about them and would watch for them. They are amazing creatures with a keen intelligence. They have many vocalizations and can problem solve and use tools. They build alliances with other species and will work together to achieve their goals. They are very family oriented and form strong pair bonds. Ravens are playful and love to fly as demonstrated by their aerial displays.

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Mother Bear

Trading Fear for Respect Bears tend to evoke fear in most people.  We fear their strength and power. It is proper to have a healthy respect for bears, to know their ways [...]

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The Soul Retrieval Process and Hiding the Soul

Before my client, who we will call Jason, arrives, I create sacred space and clear the area as I normally do. I call the seven directions and ask my guides and allies to be with [...]

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Compassionate Depossession and Soul Retrieval Work

Compassionate Depossession work is a way to assist someone who believes they have come under the influence of an intruding entity. It is not channeled work as with shamanic extractions. I learned this work as [...]

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Shamanic Extraction  – Part 2

During our lives, we often take on energies that don’t belong to us. Each life experience has it’s own energy and depending on the effect it has on us, be it a pleasant experience or [...]

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Soul Loss

In shamanic terms, soul loss is the main reason that people become ill. It is believed that when a traumatic event happens in someone’s life, it is possible for a fragment of the soul to [...]

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