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Full Moon Ceremony Course


This thirteen-part audio series supports you in learning about and using the energies of the full moon. Use the recordings on your own or develop ceremony and meditation around the full moon to share with others. Each record includes the qualities of the astrological sign as well as the energy that the full moon offers. Meditations are general enough to be used each year during the astrological sign. Guided by author and psychotherapist, Karen Johannsen, you will be assisted in maximizing the energy of the full moon and creating your own ceremony and meditation.

Complete Program Includes:

    • Introductory audio explaining the value and benefits of celebrating the energy of the full moon.
    • (12) Audio recordings include one recorded full moon ceremony and accompanying meditation for each of the 12 astrological sign
    • Downloadable resource guide: Creating Full Moon Ceremony
    • Downloadable E-book: Full Moon Ceremony and Meditation
    • Written script for each astrological sign’s meditation
    • A downloadable “Full Moon Meditation Journal” containing journal prompts focused on each astrological sign’s energy.

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The Power of Full Moon Ceremony

Full moon ceremony has been a spiritual practice woven world-wide throughout human history. A valuable tool for increasing consciousness, it supports releasing energy or circumstances that no longer serve us, or bringing in new energy to enlighten our path.

Each month the sun enters a different constellation. As this occurs, the moon moves through the signs in a rhythmic celestial, energetic dance.  During the period of the full moon, the moon itself positions opposite the sun. During this time the Sun fully irradiates the moon with its light. As this monthly event approaches, the transmitted light energy to the moon from the sun, becomes more intense and available to us for our spiritual transformation. Symbolically, we understand this astrological event as the full illumination of the personality (Moon) by the soul (Sun).

The full moon cycle – and the exact time of the full moon each month provides transformative and powerful energies. With intention and ceremony, these energies are an invaluable tool in support of our consciousness and spiritual transformation. By monthly work, in a conscious way, with this cycle, our Soul qualities become integrated in our being. We expand our consciousness and take an active role in our own spiritual evolution. In this way we can also serve more effectively as we use those energies to help uplift humanity.

Audio SeriesThis thirteen-part audio series will support you to take advantage of the particular energy that manifests during each astrological sign through the year. Author and psychotherapist, Karen Johannsen guides each meditation to support you while you maximize the energy of the full moon through ceremony and meditation.

*Digital product refunds not provided after product download
*A downloadable product and does not require shipping fees


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