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Rayology – Recognizing Your Spiritual Identity

Rayology – Recognizing Your Spiritual Identity Through the Seven Rays

Rayology, The Study of The Seven Rays. Recognizing Your Spiritual Identity

Rayology, or the study of the Seven Rays is a tool that supports our self-awareness, consciousness, and evolution. It helps us recognize our spiritual identity. When the energy of creation is understood as a great stream of pure white light, we can grasp the manifestation of the rays more clearly.

Seven RaysPure white light, when it passes through a prism, separates into seven colors of the rainbow. Each color holds its own unique vibratory frequency. These can be understood as distinct and individual streams of consciousness. Souls, too, correspond to these seven great streams, and so, there are seven types of human souls, which have a vibratory affinity to the rays. In fact, all of creation can be understood as a manifestation of these seven great streams of consciousness. Their energy builds and animates all of life.

Note: The number seven is significant to human consciousness. Click here to explore more details on the importance of the number seven.

Where Does the Concept of the Seven Rays Originate?

The origins of the seven rays come to us through esoteric teachings known as the Ageless Wisdom. This body of knowledge has been present in humanity throughout our evolution. Often referred to as the Golden Thread, its principles and teachings from the foundation of and a common connection between all major world religions. Its principles, however, are free of religious dogma and institutional conditioning. So, simply put, The Ageless Wisdom is a way of thinking about spirituality and is not a religious tradition or practice.

Rayology: Living Your Light Through the Seven Sacred Rays

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Our greatest joy and our greatest spiritual responsibility is to become who we really are, which means, to fully express or spiritual pattern, our spiritual identity.

Michael Robbins, Tapestry of the Gods

What are these Seven Streams of Consciousness?

As you begin your exploration of the seven rays and your spiritual identity, you may feel a familiarity with the terms and concepts that describe the qualities of one or more of the particular rays. Make note of this familiarity when it occurs. Be with the recognition. You might consider meditating on the ones that feel most like you. When this recognition happens, it is because there is an awareness of your spiritual identity. When explored more deeply, you will find your way to ‘who you must be’.

Ray 1 – The Ray of Will and Purpose

Ray 2 – The Ray of Love and Wisdom

Ray 3 – The Ray of Active Intelligence

Ray 4 – The Ray of Harmony through Conflict

Ray 5 – The Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science

Ray 6 – The Ray of Idealism and Devotion

Ray 7 – The Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic

Rays One through Three are rays of aspect. They correspond to the three aspects of the Holy Trinity and together form the foundation for all creation. Rays four through seven are rays of attribute. These rays flow out from the intelligence of the Third Ray and contribute to the detail of creation.

Ray 1 – The Ray of Will and Purpose:

The first ray is a stream of energy manifesting the power of God and its creation. It urges one to lead, to assert individuality. It propels everything into creation and is the force that lies behind anything that manifests. The first ray corresponds to the Father aspect of the trinity. In human psychology, first ray individuals express tremendous will, the power to endure, govern, and lead. Keywords: Will and Initiate

Ray 2 – The Ray of Love and Wisdom:

The second ray is a stream of energy that seeks to unite (through the power of attraction) and illumine. It overshadows consciousness in all forms through wisdom and love. The urge to teach and heal arises from the energy of the second ray. These individuals tend to be patient, inclusive, and loving. Alternatively, they can manifest a strong energy of wisdom and understanding, which might seem more aloof. The second ray corresponds to the Son aspect of the holy trinity.  Keywords: Unite and Illumine

Ray 3 – The Ray of Active Intelligence:

The third ray is the intelligence that comprises all matter. It has a great intellectual capacity and works to blend will and purpose (ray 1) with love and wisdom (ray 2) to produce all forms of life. Mental adaptability, quick thinking, strategy, manipulation, and mental creativity are all manifestations of the third ray. The third ray corresponds to the Holy Spirit aspect of the Holy Trinity. Keywords: Manipulate and Adapt

Ray 4 – The Ray of Harmony through Conflict:

The fourth ray is the energy that drives the resolution of opposites. It seeks to equalize, finding harmony through conflict. There is a strong urge here to work out differences, bringing oppositions into balance at a center point. However, intense inner and outer conflict, struggle, and crisis are often the path to establish harmony. The fourth ray expresses with drama, artistry, and creativity while endeavoring to express the beauty in God’s creation. Intuition is often strong in these individuals. Keywords: Relate and Harmonize

Ray 5 – The Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science:

The fifth ray is an energy that seeks to reveal the truth behind form. It has an energy of separation as it works to divide that which is true from that which seems to be true, and that which is fact from what is fiction. These individuals delight in precision, detail, objectivity, investigation, and research. They are often drawn to the scientific method, technology, factual accuracy, or experimental research are expressing fifth ray energy. Keywords: To Know, Prove

Ray 6 – The Ray of Idealism and Devotion:

The sixth ray of idealism and devotion has been strong in its manifestation through human consciousness for the last 1800 years. This ray has a strong emotional component and conditions idealistic thought and action. Those with strong religious attachment or extreme devotion to a cause express the energy of the sixth ray. Persistence, loyalty, and one-pointed dedication to an individual or cause is common. These personalities can be persuasive and inspiring, or even militant in their dedication to their cause or ideal. Keywords: Idealize, Devote

Ray 7 – The Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic:

The seventh ray is a manifesting energy that seeks order and structure. These individuals are able, more than any other ray, to understand what is striving to be created (as impulsed by Ray 1) and to manifest form from the blueprint. Personality characteristics of seventh ray individuals include perseverance, discipline, sequencing, and organizing. They make strong administrators and organizers as well as architects and builders. Keywords: Build, Order

Rayology, The Study of The Seven Rays. Recognizing Your Spiritual Identity

How Can the Seven Rays Support Our Spiritual Transformation?

Unevolved ExpressionThe spiritual path is the path of awakening to who we really are and recognizing our spiritual identity. Rayology provides us with a way to more deeply understand ourselves and others in very real and practical ways. The rays reveal our essential vibration and how we express them. Through this we awaken to who we really are. Knowledge of our ray energy points us to our blueprint, our design, and who we must become. As we to see and embrace our gifts, talents, and weaknesses, we consciously partner our soul-self to its fullest expression.

How Do the Rays Express through Us as Individuals?

All seven rays express through each of us, however some are stronger and define us more clearly than the others. Many individuals living today have, for example, a ray 2 soul, but they are vastly different in their energy and expression than others with a ray 2 soul. While there are many reasons for this, from an essential energetic ray expression, it is because their mind, body, or emotions are energized by different rays.

How Do the Rays Express through Us?

Think of your being-ness as a team. This team includes your personality and your soul and your body, emotions, and mind. Just like the members of a sports team, there is a team captain and players, each who have a particular role and position to play. How well the members play together (coordinate), under the direction of the captain helps us to understand how integrated we are. Do our emotions pull us off from our purpose? Is our mind aligned with our personality? These are some of the details we can begin to discern. Who heads the team helps us to understand their level of spiritual awakening.

Each of your team members is energized and influenced by a ray. They may all be different, or there may two or three that are prominent in your make-up. This is where our individuality is expressed. Your team players are:

  1. The soul – This is our divine spark, the light expressing fullness of our being, and that which connects us to everything else in either form or spirit. The soul is the essential aspect of our being and it, in fact, clothes itself in our physical form. Our soul is what gives us life. Our form is what provides us with the ability to act, ideally on behalf of spirit. We have a soul because we exist. There is no purpose to our existence other than this.
  2. The personality – The personality is the garment we wear during our lifetime. It is the instrument through which the soul expresses, operates, and performs in the world around it.
  3. The physical body – includes the dense physical body and the etheric body that energizes and vitalizes your form
  4. The emotional body – provides for the vibrancy and coloring of your thoughts and expression
  5. The mental body – provides you with logic, reason, and intelligence to function and survive.

Who’s the Team Captain?

From a spiritual perspective, its the team captain that matters. Teams captained by the personality look and operate quite differently from teams that are captained by the soul. It is important to have a sense of where you are on the spiritual path to identify who is captain of your team. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.

For our purposes, personality is understood as the combined energy of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. These three (lower) vehicles work in a more chaotic and unregulated way in the period prior to spiritual awakening. The personality is Captain here and his goal is to get the players to work together. The soul can’t work with a team that doesn’t work well together. Too much energy and effort is lost.

With the personality as captain, the vehicles slowly begin to coordinate and regulate the impulses and desires and integrated personality begin to emerge. Life will still tend to be driven by physical drives, power, and personal interests, but it becomes more effective. This presents as an unenlightened personality having its selfish way in the world.

The Soul as Captain

As more integration occurs, physical desires are regulated and a certain degree of control over our desires and emotions develops. The minds begins to govern us through reason and logic. When the coordinated personality vehicles have reached a degree of integration, then spiritual awakening occurs. This is typically marked by an event which connects us, usually memorably, to our spiritual light. We are no longer satisfied to act solely on our own behalf. We begin to perceive see the world in larger terms and yearn to reconnect to the experience of our greater light that marked our awakening.

This marks the beginning of the hand-off of the team captain. While the handoff does not typically occur all at once, increasingly decisions are made on behalf of the spiritual light held deep within. More and more the soul directs life. And, with the soul as Captain, the team members become an increasing unified whole, until ultimately, it is impossible to discern the division of the players.

To explore the Seven Rays on a deeper level, explore our new course: Rayology ~ Living Your Light through the Seven Sacred Rays

Rayology: Living Your Light Through the Seven Sacred Rays

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Rayology and the Seven Streams of Consciousness

Rayology can help us to awaken to who we are and how we can use our gifts and strengths most effectively. As we become conscious of our unique pattern of energies and when we live true to that pattern, we grow into who and what we already are in essence. In fact, it is our most profound purpose as human beings to manifest our spiritual blueprint or archetype.


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