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Mindful Heart Astrology – Venus Rulerships:  Libra and Taurus

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Venus Rulership is expressed in two signs. Libra is the second sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet Venus, the other is Taurus. Last month we looked at the Mercury rulerships, so Libra and Taurus are the second pair of signs in the zodiac which share a planetary ruler. Like Gemini and Virgo, the Venus ruled signs also represent one air sign and one earth sign. Air (Libra) reflects energy directed towards communication and connection, marking this sign as another of our ‘bridge-builders’ linking ideas and people. Earth (Taurus) is a grounding type of energy directed towards manifestation, giving form to ideas by creating structure and making things happen. Considering the elements alone one can begin to see how Venus appropriately represents both of her domains.

Second House:  My Values and Self Worth

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The Second House of the Horoscope is naturally ruled by Taurus and, as such, the planet Venus. This house is associated with our values, self-worth, personal resources and finances, earned income, personal possessions and real estate holdings. Known as the House of possessions and values one often relates it to tangible things, in keeping with its earthy nature, and is closely linked to what we manifest. The material goods that we own are often a reflection of what we value in life, things that provide us with a sense of well-being and make our lives more enjoyable.

The Planet Venus – Ruler of Taurus

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We have entered the Taurus part of this year’s zodiac cycle so it’s a good time to take a look at this sign’s ruling planet. Venus is one of the planets that rules two signs and, in this case, she rules both Taurus and Libra. For the purpose of this post though we will be focusing on elements that relate mainly to Taurus. The second planet from the Sun, Venus’ cycle through the zodiac takes place over approximately 224 days, less than a year.

Mindful Heart Astrology: Taurus

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April 19 - May 20 Symbol: The BullSays: I haveNatural House: 2nd  Modality: FixedRules: The Neck and Throat Ruling Planet Key Words Acquisitive ~ Artistic ~ Cautious ~ Dependable ~ Determined ~ Loyal ~ Materialistic ~ Persistent ~  Practical ~ Pragmatism ~ Reliable ~ Stable  ~ Stubborn ~ Thorough      Taurus is [...]