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Mindful Heart Astrology – Venus Rulerships:  Libra and Taurus


Venus Rulership

Libra is the second sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet Venus, the other is Taurus. Last month we looked at the Mercury rulerships, so Libra and Taurus are the second pair of signs in the zodiac which share a planetary ruler. Like Gemini and Virgo, the Venus ruled signs also represent one air sign and one earth sign.

Air (Libra) reflects energy directed towards communication and connection, marking this sign as another of our ‘bridge-builders’ linking ideas and people. Earth (Taurus) is a grounding type of energy directed towards manifestation, giving form to ideas by creating structure and making things happen. Considering the elements alone one can begin to see how Venus appropriately represents both of her domains.

Action Oriented

Venus Rulerships

The flow of energies characterized by Libra and Taurus reflect different modes. Libra is a cardinal sign so one must consider that its Venusian qualities represent definite movement in a specific direction. This is a sign that initiates action and produces energy and, interestingly, coincides with the change in season marked by the Autumn Equinox. There are four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and it is important to note that not all cardinal energy is the same.

For example, the cardinal energy of Venus (Libra) is quite different from the cardinal energy of Mars (Aries). In Libra the energy tends to be more mature and focused on others, rather than self. Key words like cooperation, social attitudes, supportive, and harmony all reflect the idea of connection.

Taurus, on the other hand, is one of four fixed signs, the others are Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, each reflecting a focus on concentrating and sustaining energy to manifest or realize the ideas or connections initiated by cardinality. So, in the sign of Taurus, Venus is dedicated to achieving a result. Key words like value, beauty, money, materialism and pleasure reflect a type of manifested form or result.

Expression of Love

Venus RulershipsVenus is considered the planet of ‘love’ and the qualities of both Taurus and Libra come together in her realm. This concept can be considered in two ways. First, in Taurus, what I love for and about myself, including what I have and my self-worth. This is indicative of the “yin” type of polarity or energy in…what I need and draw towards me. And second, who I love or how I wish to be loved, indicating the “yang” type of energy for Libra…what I seek and what I give to others.

These concepts can be further illustrated by considering Venus’s natural rulership over two houses. The 2nd house of ‘Money and Self-Worth’ is naturally ruled by earthy Taurus, and the 7th house of airy Libra is the domain of ‘Committed Relationships, Marriage, and Partnerships’.


It is easy to see how the modes of both signs, as outlined above, come to life within their respective areas of the horoscope. In the 2nd house, personal values, one’s possessions, money, investment potential, and personal finances are examples of manifestations which originated from cardinal energy (ideas and connections). Notice there is both a tactile and tangible nature to this house, its Venusian qualities representing things which can be seen, touched or felt.

They indicate the value or degree of worth one places on material or self-satisfying things such as art, sensual pleasure, property, stock portfolios and one’s collective possessions. There is an emphasis on personal pleasure and comfort as well as accumulation, highlighting the key phrase for the house ‘I am my values and resources’.

Right Relationship with Others

In the 7th house, partners, spouses, business relationships, and alliances are examples of connections in which there is active and directed energy, they are ones which we initiate or seek. Unlike the material nature of the 2nd house, here we find a more intangible quality which relates to qualifying the nature of a relationship, and there is a certain amount of objectivity in play which seeks some degree of balance.

It takes the concept of ‘love’ to a place outside of ourselves and considers others, or another, in a relationship defined by a degree of cooperation, fairness, harmony, and compromise. The emphasis is on the connection and right relationship, highlighting the key phrase for Libra ‘I balance’.

Find Venus’s Influence in Your Life

The diverse nature of Venus draws in many facets. The ‘list’ of things which she rules suggests a healthy mix of Taurus and Libra qualities, and both 2nd and 7th house areas of life. At some level it all seems to come down to the basic aspects of pleasure and love. Taurus is personal and Libra is about something shared with another, and we all have elements of both.

I invite you to consider how Venus manifests in your life. To do this, begin by identifying which planets and houses are ruled by Taurus and Libra, then note the sign on the cusp of the 2nd and 7th houses as well as any planets which reside there. This examination will give you a richer understanding of Venusian characteristics in your chart, beyond the placement of the planet itself. What do you notice about the things you love and attract, and about the nature and quality of your relationships and the ones you seek? Perhaps the answers to these questions offer insight about qualities you attract into your life, and why. Enjoy the discovery!

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